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NASA Honoring Michoud Employees for Heroic Hurricane Work

"NASA is honoring 38 men and women who risked their lives during Hurricane Katrina to protect the agency's Michoud Assembly Facility, where space shuttle external fuel tanks are manufactured east of New Orleans. The event is at 2 p.m. EST, Thursday, Jan. 5."

A Little Something Extra, Government Executive

"It pays to be a rocket scientist. NASA gave the highest bonuses on average, with a typical award of $17,483."

Editor's note:The following information regarding 2005 Presidential Rank Awards can be found on OPM's website:

MSFC Layoff Update

NASA bill would postpone layoffs, Huntsville Times

"Cowing said although the spending bill would keep NASA from laying off people next year, it does very little to eliminate layoffs at some point. "The language doesn't say NASA can't plan for a RIF over the next year. Planning for a RIF is a long process," said Cowing, who runs the Web site. "You can't just flip a switch and call for a RIF the next week."

NASA Authorization Act of 2005: Conference Report (Final)

"(4) LIMITATION.NASA may not implement any Reduction in Force or other involuntary separations (except for cause) prior to March 16, 2007."

GRC Layoff Update

Bill would block some NASA cuts, Crain's Cleveland Business

"NASA Glenn Research Center wouldnt be able to lay off any civil servants until March 2007 under a bill passed by the House of Representatives late Saturday, but the center isnt yet in the clear. ... The bill does not prevent NASA Glenn from laying off some of its more than 1,000 contractors."

Another Surge of Training

NASA Presolicitation Notice: The Human Element 6-Day Training Workshops

"NASA/HQ has a requirement for The Human Element hands-on, 6-day workshops focused on the hidden interpersonal dynamics that influence organizational and team effectiveness.This requirement will provide five (5) courses to NASA employees throughout the agency."

NASA update, 19 Dec 2005 (Word): "National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Goddard Space Flight Center,Greenbelt, MD 20771
Reply to Attn of: 210.H, December 19, 2005

Subject: Synopsis "The Human Element 6-day Training Workshops", The subject Synopsis, reference number 4200137435 is hereby canceled in its entirety.
Ricarda Mason, Contract Specialist"

Editor's note: Gee, that was fast.

Editor's note: Word has it that Mike Griffin intends to replace ARC center director Scott Hubbard with Brig. Gen. Simon P. Worden (Ret.). Apparently, Hubbard has gotten folks at HQ annoyed by his constant defense of his workforce while HQ slashes away at life sciences (and other programs) and threatens RIFs. Pete Worden (an astronomer) is a friend of Griffin's and has a reputation in many circles for innovative (and sometimes a little controversial and out of the box) thinking. He recently did a stint on the staff of Sen. Sam Brownback and ran the Clementine lunar mission and the DC-X Delta Clipper project. Note to Ames folks: he is not boring. Personally, I find him fascinating. Expect a formal announcement soon.

Editor's note: If you look at this open job position on OPM's website you will see that NASA is seeking candiates for "Associate Administrator for Institutions and Management" i.e. Jim Jennings' old job. Hurry up - apply now!

Editor's note: Those of you who are job hunting might want to look at the more than 100 SES jobs that are open at NESC until 20 June 2006.

Reader comment: "One of the frustrating things is that many spots in the NESC are open only to GS-15/SES levels. Typically those with that grade have spent many years in service and likely moved into management positions, particularly since you aren't going to find many SES personnel who got their SES in a technical position. So what's the point? The longer you stay in management the more your technical skills erode in general. Seems like the real goal of NESC should be to fill slots with experienced GS-12/13/14s who still have their feet firmly planted in the technical side, not management. Shouldn't the NESC be made up of the sharpest technical minds rather than the sharpest bureaucratic minds?"

Personnel Changes at HQ

Editor's note: Word has it that astronaut - and senior Griffin advisor - Marsha Ivins has more or less packed up her office and is ready to head back to JSC permanently (even though she has been commuting back and forth). Meanwhile, Chris Shank has moved over to the NASA HQ Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation where he is now Director of Strategic Investments.

MSFC Layoff Update

Job buyout takers few at Marshall, Huntsville Times

"Speculating that there will be no job cuts at Marshall when other NASA centers could lose jobs could be wishful thinking, said Keith Cowing ... Cowing said the buyouts won't likely meet NASA's target number of 2,000 job reductions. "I will say it looks like the agency doesn't know what to do with Marshall yet. (Work) is still being sent to Marshall, but based on (recent) buyout numbers, the jobs math doesn't add up," Cowing said. "Mike Griffin has no choice but to" lay off workers."

Three die in crash; driver flees scene, Daily Press

"Three men employed at Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex at Fort Irwin died Thursday in a crash on Fort Irwin Road about two miles north of Jackhammer Pass. Three other Barstow-area residents were seriously injured in the collision, and a driver who fled the scene is being sought by the California Highway Patrol."

MSFC Layoff Update

Marshall keeps eye on NASA cutbacks, Huntsville Times

"Senior managers spent Friday discussing layoff plans with supervisors, Amatore said. "They will brief their staff either (Friday) or Monday about the planning stage to keep the work force informed of what is going on."

Reader note: "I recently departed the largest engineering contractor at GRC, Zin Technologies. Although my leaving was voluntary, on my final day of work, the company handed out WARN act notices to the majority of the workforce -

Reader note: "I am a Jacobs Sverdrop employee and I work on site at NASA JSC. We received this "first notice" from our management. We are expecting a loss of at least 200 employees and as many as 500."



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