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Chuck Brady Has Died

Astronaut Brady's Death Stuns Area, The Pilot

"Now the town is puzzled and saddened by reports of the circumstances of his death. According to Chuck McCarty, a dispatcher with the Sheriff's Office in San Juan County, Wash., Brady died of apparently self-inflicted wounds."

Astronaut Charles E. "Chuck" Brady Jr. has died, ARRL

"Retired space shuttle astronaut and DXer Chuck Brady, N4BQW, of Oak Harbor, Washington, died July 23 following a lengthy illness. He was 54."

Senate Appropriators De-Fund NASA RIF Plans , IFPTE

"The workforce protection language put forth by Senator Mikulski to defund any layoffs in FY07 is an essential component of the bill's effort to protect NASA's long-term institutional knowledge and capabilities from short-term expedient budget planning. The key to NASA's future success is to retain its current workforce while it recruits and trains the next generation of the best and brightest young scientists and engineers. This will only be possible if the Administration ceases its divisive and counter-productive layoff threats and shows the nation's youth that NASA is a great place for a stable, productive, and exciting career as a scientist or engineer."

The Point Being ...?

Remarks by NASA Administrator Griffin to the NASA Advisory Council Science Subcommittees

"As I have told Charles Elachi, I am sensitive to the impacts to scientists and engineers at JPL who worked on SIM. I have been laid off twice in my career."

What's Good For The Goose ..., earlier post

"Dear Mike: This letter of agreement ("Agreement") serves to acknowledge that your last day of employment at Orbital Sciences Corporation is August 24, 2001."

A Curious Departure

NASA's Assistant Administrator for Equal Opportunity Departing (press release)

NASA's Assistant Administrator for Equal Opportunity Departing (Internal Memo)

"NASA has announced that Dorothy Hayden-Watkins, assistant administrator for Diversity and Equal Opportunity programs, is departing the agency. She served in her position since 2003."

Curious Expulsion at NASA HQ (10 April 2006)

"Editor's note: NASA HQ sources report that Assistant Administrator Diversity and Equal Opportunity Dorothy Hayden-Watkins was escorted out of the building by NASA security personnel late last week."



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