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Reader note: "We received this message this morning from our colleagues in Korelov. Vladimir Syromiatnikov was truly a pioneer in the Russian space program and in the joint American / Russian programs. He was the guiding force behind the Russian docking mechanisms for multiple decades of spaceflight and he was truly, truly and unique man."

Letter from NASA Administrator Griffin to Rep. Wolf Regarding Workforce Issues

Letter from NASA AA for Legislative Affairs Chase to Rep. Kucinich Regarding Workforce Issues

Talking Points: Full Cost Management and Overhead Simplification, NASA HQ

"While it appears that the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) will take a significant hit as a result of this accounting change, the overhead simplification structure is a good thing for ARMD. ARMD will still have the same direct buying power. ARMD will not lose research dollars. But the change will free ARMD from the fiscal responsibility of having to carry the majority of overhead costs for the four research Centers."

NASA Names Parsons New Kennedy Space Center Director

"NASA Administrator Michael Griffin today named William (Bill) W. Parsons the new director of the agency's Kennedy Space Center, Fla., effective in January 2007. Parsons succeeds James W. Kennedy, who is retiring."

Big Changes Ahead at SMD

Editor's 11 Sep 2006 update: I just got a call from NASA PAO relaying a message from Colleen Hartman to the effect that she is "not leaving NASA". Given the broad range and location of people who have been circulating the news (from within SMD among other places) that she is leaving (please note my phrasing below i.e. "multiple sources report") beginning the middle of last week, I might suggest that a means other than NASA Watch be used to let SMD employees know what is going on within the Division - before things make their way onto NASA Watch.

Editor's 11 Sep 2006 note: Multiple sources report that Colleen Hartman, Mary Cleave's Deputy will be leaving NASA - most likely to return to NOAA where she used to work. As such, the search will be on for new top management for SMD.

Editor's 5 Sep 2006 note: SMD AA Mary Cleave told her staff in an SMD-wide email today that she will be leaving NASA next Spring. Her (short) note said:

"Dear colleagues in SMD

I just wanted to let you know that I am planning on retiring this Spring. We want to ensure that there is adequate time to find a replacement and have a good hand over period. It has been an honor and privilege to work in the federal service with you, mary"

Reader note: "Dale (Butch) Caffall will be the next IV&V Facility Director. The effective date is September 17th."

NASA Management Astronauts Announce Changes, Retirement

"Veteran astronauts and Flight Crew Operations Directorate managers Ken Bowersox and Kent Rominger have announced intentions to depart from NASA."



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