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Editor's note: According to the National Academies of Science, "Review of NASA's Space Flight Health Standards-Setting Process" (Letter Report) is due to be released in March by the Institute of Medicine. This report "Assesses the current process by which NASA establishes space flight health standards such as fitness-for-duty criteria and limits on radiation and other exposures. The standards are intended to mitigate health risks astronauts face during long missions."

Merry Christmas from USA

Pensions lost in space - Boeing employees transferred to United Space Alliance were promised pensions -- until now, Orlando Sentinel

"After six years of receiving pension checks that she had come to depend on, Lillian West received a shocking letter in December. The monthly checks had been sent in error and would cease immediately, the letter informed her -- but that wasn't all. The sender, Boeing Co., wanted all of its money back -- more than $32,000 -- in either a lump sum or 20 quarterly installments of $1,630.09."

Editor's note: According to an OPM status report: "The following message applies only to Monday, February 26, 2007 - Federal agencies in the Washington, DC, area are OPEN under an UNSCHEDULED LEAVE policy."

According to NASA GSFC: "Code Blue In Effect for Goddard Greenbelt Facility - As of 5:00 a.m., on Monday, February 26, 2007, the Goddard Greenbelt Facility is operating under CODE BLUE."

NASA Strategic Management Council Meeting: Uncovered Capacity

"Looking ahead at the transition from the Shuttle and International Space Station to exploration, if there is no change in the way NASA does business, more and more of its work will go to contractors. Griffin is not looking to increase the number of NASA civil servants, but wants to ensure that in the future NASA civil servants are more involved in architecture and technical work."

NASA-Ames readies for budget cuts, Mountain View Voice

"Even though President Bush's budget proposal calls for a 3.1 percent increase in funds to NASA, officials at the agency, including NASA-Ames Director S. Pete Worden, say ambitious future projects mean it may not be enough to meet upcoming needs. Even so, Worden said, activities at Moffett Field are currently moving ahead as planned, with 50 new civil servant positions slated for the coming year."

Editor's note: as is mentioned by the author of this article "William D. Griffin, a NASA administrator" is somewhat erroneous.

Charles D. Brown Has Died

Editor's note: An AIAA email going around today: "Charles D. Brown, 76, longtime AIAA author, professional development instructor, and associate fellow, died 20 January 2007. Known to the book and professional development staff as Charlie, he was one of our most cherished assets. His teaching inspired his three successful AIAA textbooks and home study courses. Spacecraft Mission Design, Spacecraft Propulsion, and Elements of Spacecraft Design all have been widely adopted for university classroom use."



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