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NASA ARC Internal Memo: Diversity Assessment Survey

"Ames Research Center has contracted with Westat to develop a Diversity Assessment Survey for civil service staff as part of the Ames Diversity Implementation Plan effort. You will receive subsequent e-mail transmission from Westat to begin the survey process. The purpose of this survey is to assess the current state of diversity awareness at Ames. The survey results will be used to define a diversity awareness baseline for Ames Research Center and to design future activities for the continuing enhancement of Ames' diversity. This Web-based survey will be administered by Westat in the mid-October time frame; individual submissions by Ames participants will be kept strictly confidential by the external administering party."

Another Employee Survey

2007 NASA Culture Survey

Editor's note: Two comments about the attached survey. There is no question number 34. This appears to be an error in the numbering of the survey questions. The survey is adaptive i.e. an answer to a given question may generate differing successor questions. For example, identifying oneself as a line employee, supervisor, or manager will cause different successor questions to be posed to the interviewee. The images that are attached assume that the employee is a line employee. None of the buttons or links work. These are just images taken from the actual survey package online internally at NASA.

You may also find the following surveys taken more than a decde ago to be of comparative interest:

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JPL HSPD 12 lawsuit Update

NASA researchers balk at background checks, Government Executive

"Several lawmakers have voiced displeasure to senior Bush administration officials about a new policy on background checks that has prompted nearly 30 scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to sue NASA. The employees, all of whom work for the California Institute of Technology, risk losing their jobs if they fail to comply with the investigations."



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