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Job Cuts Ahead

NASA Work Force Projections Previewed, Aerospace Daily

"Subcommittee Chairman Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) pressed Griffin on the issue of sustaining NASA's human spaceflight work force during the downtime between the shuttle's retirement and the introduction of the Orion and Ares I vehicles, projected for early 2015. "We don't want to go through what we went through after the shutdown of Apollo," Nelson said."

Senators clash with NASA chief on speed of space transition, Congress Daily

"Griffin also said the shutdown of the shuttle program is likely to lead to the loss of thousands of NASA jobs at Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans."

HSPD-12 Update

NASA AFEU Memo on HSPD-12 Badging

"NASA is proceeding to implement Homeland Security Personnel Directive (HSPD-12) at all Centers, including Ames. Center management has determined that more than 20% of the employees at Ames are moderate or high sensitivity risk. AFEU contends that Ames management has over-classified a large number of employees, particularly given that GSFC and JPL have reported around 5% at moderate and high risk."

Robert Jastrow

Robert Jastrow, Who Made Space Understandable, Dies at 82, NY Times

"In an age when scientists tended to keep to their laboratories and lecture halls, Dr. Jastrow was a very public figure, a prolific author and commentator on a wide range of topics including the space program, astronomy, earth science and national security issues."

Remembering Gordon McKay

Planetary Exploration Newsletter Volume 2, Number 10 (February 10, 2008)

DR. GORDON MCKAY (1945-2008)

Dear Colleagues, It is with deep sadness that we write on behalf of the Science Mission Directorate to mourn the untimely passing and celebrate the life and career of Dr. Gordon McKay. Beginning his career as a Ph.D. student on the first lunar samples returned to Earth by the Apollo astronauts and ending it in a role of exceptional leadership at a NASA review panel, Gordon devoted his life to public service and the advancement of scientific knowledge. Gordon was someone who epitomized being a civil servant.

Gordon McKay

Editor's note: Gordon McKay died today in Maryland. He was in town for a NASA HQ proposal review. Details to follow.

HSPD-12 Update

JPL back to court in background check case, Valley Sun

"On Feb. 15 Jet Propulsion Laboratory employees will be back in district court concerning their lawsuit against NASA. Twenty-eight scientists and engineers at JPL filed the suit challenging NASA's requirement of background investigations that they contend are unconstitutional. The background checks were required in 2007 by NASA in accordance to a 2004 Bush administration directive. Background checks are required by all governmental offices due to this directive but each office can choose their own procedure, said Virginia Keeny, attorney for the JPL employees."

NASA ARC Internal Memo: New HSPD-12 Badges Are Starting to Arrive

"Ames has started receiving and issuing the new NASA HSPD-12 compliant badges for civil servants who have completed enrollment, and non-civil servants who have completed the required background investigation and the enrollment steps. These badges are being delivered to Ames in batches."

Job Cuts at NASA HQ

NASA Internal Memo: Reduction of Headquarters Ceilings

"NASA Headquarters (HQ) was notified in November 2007 of significant Full Time Equivalent (FTE) reductions for Fiscal Years (FY) 2008 through 2013. The FTE provided to HQ is the basis for establishing and managing HQ personnel ceilings. Headquarters Policy Directive 3330.1, Human Capital: Workforce Planning and Ceiling Control Management, dated November 26, 2006, sets forth the policy for assigning and managing total organizational ceilings (TOC) for each organization and HQ as an institution. Last fiscal year HQ ceilings were adjusted and a continuous effort is underway for planned reductions through FY 2013. However, the latest FTE reductions will require HQ to achieve these adjustments sooner than originally anticipated."



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