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Disturbing E-Mail Goes Out to NASA Employees, WHNT

Editor's note: When employees take dramatic actions such as this - i.e. to circumvent traditional management chains to raise both personal - and important workforce issues - it is symptomatic of managerial insensitivity and incompetence at the top. Dave King should be taking this very seriously - as a personal failure in his own management of MSFC - not something an employee did that requires a reprimand.

Reader note: This is an email that was sent by a Marshall employee yesterday.It was sent as a mass email (Marshall-wide global).Management response: "A MSFC employee sent a mass e-mail to the Marshall workforce today. We are taking appropriate action to provide assistance and to maintain a safe work environment for all of our employees. Due to Privacy Act considerations, we cannot comment further. Dave King, Director".

Email message below:

Media Advisory HSPD-12 JPL: Court Withdraws Finding of Friday April 25

"Robert M. Nelson, a Senior Research Scientist at JPL and the lead plaintiff in the JPL case said, "Our attorneys remind us that the judicial system involves a very deliberate process. We will remain patient and let the judicial activity run its course. While we are waiting, NASA and Caltech are forbidden, under the existing temporary injunction, from conducting the intrusive personal background investigations ordered under HSPD#12.""

NASA JPL HSPD-12 Media Advisory: Court Denies Government Petition for Injunction Review, earlier update

HSPD-12 Update

NASA JPL HSPD-12 Media Advisory: Court Denies Government Petition for Injunction Review

"On Friday April 25, 2008 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declined to review its earlier decision issuing a temporary injunction preventing NASA and the California Institute of Technology from conducting intrusive personal background investigations of employees at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. The government had petitioned all of the judges of the Ninth Circuit Court for a review of a January 11, 2008 ruling by a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit that issued a temporary injunction stopping the investigations until a full trial is held in federal district court."

Alleged NASA Cancer Problem May Have Existed For Years, News 5

"New questions are surfacing about cancer cases at NASA Glenn Research Center and how long the problem may have existed. NewsChannel5's Autumn Ziemba spoke with NASA retirees and spouses of employees who died of cancer decades ago after working in the development engineering building. It's the same building where at least 40 people have been diagnosed with cancer, but now these people are wondering if there was a problem, how long did it exist?"

NASA site defends safety record in response to cancer concern, AP

"Patient confidentiality prevented the agency from demanding personal health information on cancer rates, said Thomas Hartline, director of safety at NASA Glenn. ''Therefore, we have not been able to verify the numbers that the union put out,'' he said."

Editor's note: It has been a month since NASA Watch first reported that Ellen Engelman Conners had been selected as the new Director of External Relations at JSC. At the time sources were not exactly certain when the formal offer was going to be made and/or if she had indeed accepted it.

Well, it has been a month and Ellen Engelman Conners does not show up in the NASA X.500 directory ...

Just What JSC PAO Needs - An Overt Bush Politico, earlier post

Editor's note: Looks like David Saleeba is no longer Assistant Administrator for the NASA Office of Security Program and Protection. This page says "Jack Forsythe (Acting)". NASA is looking to hire someone for Saleeba's position at USAJobs:

NASA Headquarters: Assistant Administrator for Security and Program Protection

NASA Glenn to Hold Briefing Related to Health Concerns

"On Fri., April 11 NASA's Glenn Research Center will host a media briefing to discuss the health concern allegations recently reported in the media. The briefing will begin at 4 p.m. in the Development Engineering Building. The building is located on the north side of Brookpark Road."

NASA Glenn union wants answers on workers' cancer rate, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"A union at NASA Glenn Research Center is worried about the number of workers who have been diagnosed with cancer, despite studies saying the rates are within normal range. Leaders of the Lewis Engineers and Scientists Association are asking several members of Congress to investigate the incidence of cancer. The disease has been diagnosed during the past three or four years in about 40 of the 100 workers on the Developmental Engineering Building's third floor, said Dennis Pehotsky, a spokesman for the association."

NASA transition will cut 1,100 Michoud jobs, New Orleans City Business

Will the Ares and Orion projects replace all the jobs lost to the space shuttle phaseout? "We won't know the exact specifics to that until we get the actual contracts in place," Chapman said.

Michoud facing new, post-shuttle frontiers

Though other space manufacturing sites around the country have become accustomed to the inevitable shifts in work, this is the first time in more than three decades that there has been a change in civil space policy that affects the Michoud work force, said Sheila Cloud, the NASA administrator in charge of the transition at Michoud.

"I think they are extremely nervous," she said of the Michoud employees. "This work force is different from many, if not most, (NASA) work forces. They are totally unfamiliar with the process, and that heightens their concerns. We talked to them about what to expect, to best of our abilities."

Editor's note: Gee, Sheila, then instead of leaving them in the dark, how about clueing these people in, once and for all?



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