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NASA Chief of Strategic Communications Robert Hopkins Joins Phillips & Company as Senior Vice President, Managing Director of D.C. Public Relations, Business Development Office

Strategic Communications Hopkins Leaving NASA, NASA

NASA Chief of Strategic Communications Robert Hopkins announced Monday that he will be leaving the agency for a position in the private sector. Hopkins served as a senior adviser to Deputy Administrator Shana Dale and as assistant administrator for the recently established Office of Communications Planning before assuming the strategic communications role.

Astronaut James Reilly Leaves NASA, NASA

Veteran space shuttle astronaut James Reilly has left NASA to accept a position in the private sector. Reilly flew on three space shuttle missions to two space stations.

"Jim Reilly performed superbly as an astronaut over the course of his career at NASA," Astronaut Office chief Steve Lindsey said. "His technical, operational and people skills contributed directly to the success of the space shuttle and International Space Station programs. He was a key leader in the Astronaut Office and will be missed."

John Lindsay

Reader note: It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the passing of John F. Lindsay at the age of 67. John, who was a visiting scientist on the staff of the Lunar and Planetary Institute, died early this morning after a valiant battle against cancer.

Bay Area pilot Janet Christine Dietrich dies, SF Chronicle

"At the dawn of the space race in the early 1960s, Bay Area pilot Janet Christine Dietrich was one of 13 women who underwent secret astronaut testing, passing the same rigorous physical and psychological assessments as the men who became immortalized as America's first astronauts."

Leland Belew

Reader note: Leland Belew died Friday afternoon after a long illness. He was 83. Mr. Belew joined the the Von Braun team in 1951 and 1958 he was appointed Manager of Engine Programs for MSFC where he was responsible for engine development for a variety of vehicles including the Saturn V. Mr. Belew was later Apollo Applications (Apollo-Soyuz) Manager and Manager of the Skylab program at MSFC. Mr. Belew was Deputy Director of Science and Engineering at MSFC when he retired from NASA.

Tony Lavoie reassigned to the Senior Executive Service position of Space Systems Department deputy manager

"Pending final approval by NASA Headquarters, I am pleased to announce the reassignment of Mr. Tony Lavoie to the Senior Executive Service position of Deputy Manager, Space Systems Department, Engineering Directorate, Marshall Space Flight Center."

Generation Y Characterizations Presentation (June 2008, 196k),

Editor's note: This presentation was made at ISDC. There is nothing really new in here when you consider the previous presentations this group of younger, so-called "Gen Y" NASA employees has been making.

The tone of this briefing is often annoying. Its almost as if this generation (assuming that this presentation is the definitive description thereof) thinks they are the first ones to be different than their parents, and that they see the world in a different way than their parents, and that they need to be treated differently.

NASA MSFC Internal Memo Regarding Darren Spurlock and Kathleen Lundy

"I am sure that today is a day of unrest around the center, and rightly so. Even after a successful space shuttle launch on Saturday, the tragic automobile accident on Friday that resulted in the death of our co-worker and friend, Darren Spurlock and injury of Kathleen Lundy, has us all feeling down, and asking questions about how and why."

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Ames Federal Employees Union Memo: EPCS awards

"The Ames Federal Employees Union is pleased to inform you of the agreement we have entered into with Ames Research Center concerning awards based on EPCS ratings (but please note the concern stated below). For your reference, our Record of Negotiation, and the NASA wide rule under which they were negotiated, are provided below (see attached signed copy)."

1 killed, 5 hurt in pursuit, Huntsville Times

"A Marshall Space Flight Center employee was killed Friday when a woman being pursued by Huntsville police crashed into the man's truck on Redstone Arsenal. The woman's vehicle T-boned 50-year-old Darren Spurlock's truck at Martin and Rideout roads. He died at the scene, police said."

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