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New KSC Center Director

Cabana to Succeed parsons as NASA Kennedy Space Center Director

"NASA announced Tuesday that William Parsons, director of the John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida, is leaving the agency in mid-October to pursue opportunities in the private sector. Parsons will be succeeded by former astronaut Robert Cabana, currently director of NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. Gene Goldman, Stennis' deputy director, will become the acting center director."

Hundreds Of Workers At NASA's Michoud Get Pink Slips, WDSU

"Hundreds of people received pink slips Monday at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans."

Joe Batis

Editor's note: Internal memo: "We are saddened to announce that Joe Batis, KSC USA IT Director, has passed away. Joe was battling cancer for the last several months. We in the IT community have known Joe for several years and will miss working with him. This is a tremendous lost to the USA, KSC and NASA IT communities. We extend our deepest condolences to Joe's family and USA team members."

Security Problems at NASA

NASA OIG Final Report: [A NASA] Center's Security Program Needed Improvement

"The Office of Inspector General conducted this audit in response to a request from the Chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, to investigate allegations received by his office of serious security concerns at a NASA Center. Our overall objective was to determine whether security services provided at the Center complied with NASA Security Program requirements, policies, and procedures. Our audit validated the overarching premise of the allegations. We found that the Center's security program was not in compliance with NASA Security Program requirements and that NASA Headquarters was not inspecting the Center's program, as required by NASA policy."

NASA Names Agency Security Office Assistant Administrator

"Jack L. Forsythe has been named NASA's assistant administrator of the Office of Security and Program Protection at Headquarters in Washington. He has been serving as the interim chief since earlier this year."

Saleeba Replaced as Head of NASA Security, earlier post

JSC Is Reopening

NASA's Johnson Space Center To Reopen Monday After Ike

"NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston is scheduled to reopen Monday, Sept. 22, ending its closure related to Hurricane Ike. Johnson shut down Sept. 11 as Ike approached the Texas coast."

NASA JPL Internal Memo: New Non-productive Effort Requirement

"Recently, NASA requested that JPL track the time that our non-overtime eligible employees are absent from work for less than a full day (non-productive time) when such absences result in the employee working less than their regular weekly schedule. In support of this request, we needed to make a change to our current timekeeping requirements and allow non-overtime eligible employees to allocate their non-productive hours to a separate account. Time that is charged to non-productive effort will not decrement vacation and/or sick leave accruals."

Editor's note: This is defintely Dilbert material. You are asking employees to openly admit and document the amount of time that they were goofing off, daydreaming in the cafeteria, doing something other than what they were supposed to be doing, just not present, or reading NASA Watch. Gee, I wonder how accurate this latest accounting master stroke will be.

JSC Remains Closed

NASA's Johnson Space Remains Closed After Hurricane Ike

"NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston remains closed and likely will be limited to recovery operations for the next week. Johnson may not be open for normal operations until the week of Sept. 21."

Patsy Douglass Webb

Patsy Douglass Webb, age 96, widow of James E. Webb, who led NASA during the Apollo Lunar Program of the 1960s, died August 2 at her home in Oakland, CA.

Editor's 11 Sep note: I guess this guy is about to lose his job at KSC. Too bad - he clearly loves it and he seems to do excellent work. This is a truly novel approach to try and save one's job. I would urge others to follow.

NASA and Congressional leaders might be a little more reluctant to fire people if they had to look into their eyes and hear their story.

Editor's update: When I posted this item 21 hours ago the video had been viewed 215 times. At this moment that count is up to 1,398. Y'all need to start making more videos. The more voices that are heard, the stronger the collective message will be.

Editor's update: After 24 hours it is now up to 1,797 views.

Video below.

The Best Places to Launch a Career, Business Week

"To lure and keep young talent when cash is tight, companies of all stripes are appealing to Gen Yers' ambitions for speedy advancement - and their desire to do good while doing well."

Best Places to Launch a Career 2008, Business Week


GAO: NASA Workforce: Briefing on National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Use of Term Appointments

"Since receiving its expanded human capital flexibilities, NASA has steadily increased its use of term appointments when hiring new employees. Subsequently, NASA has increased the number of conversions from term to career or career-conditional appointments. From 2003 through 2007, the majority of employees who separated from NASA voluntarily retired. Less than 1 percent separated because the employee's appointment expired. NASA's goal is to evolve to a science and engineering workforce that at a minimum is comprised of 15 percent term/temporary appointments by 2013. However, NASA centers are given the option to use term appointments for other positions."

Closeout Inquiry of $39.5 Million Contract Modification Award to Lockheed Martin Space Systems, New Orleans, NASA OIG

"The following business and technical factors were considered in NASA's decision to provide incentives to retain the contractor's External Tank workforce: a) increasing attrition data; b) significant local employment opportunities available; c) past lessons learned from United States Air Force/Lockheed Martin Titan Program efforts to retain critical skills; and d) risk of mission failure."

NASA Hurricane Status

NASA's Stennis Remains Closed After Gustav, Will Reopen Thursday

"Because of Hurricane Gustav's impact on employees who live in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast in south Mississippi, NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center will remain closed Wednesday, Sept. 3. The center will reopen for normal business hours Thursday, Sept. 4."

Shuttle Atlantis' Move To Pad On Standby For Hanna

"Managers at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla., will closely follow Tropical Storm Hanna to determine when would be the best time this week to move space shuttle Atlantis to its launch pad."

MAF Status

"MAF will remain closed until further notice. NASA will make the determination of when to open the facility once a full assessment of the facility and the outlying community is obtained."



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