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Closures & Layoffs (Oct. 26-Nov. 1): Fortune 500s Sharpen Their Axes, CoStar Group

"While news of layoffs across the financial services spectrum have become commonplace from the implosion of Wall Street investment banks this year, the past week has produced a stunning array of new cutbacks across the rest of corporate America. ... Perotsystems is laying off 58 employees on Nov. 5 at Building 233a M/S 233-1 NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field."

Editor's note: ARC Sources tell me that this is actually a book keeping issue - Perotsystems bought another company and the employees are still on the job.

Lloyd Chamberlain

Lloyd W. Chamberlain III

"Lloyd began his full-time career with NASA as Electronics Engineer at its flight facility on Wallops Island, VA. His work with NASA then took him to the Kennedy Space Center and, following a promotion in 1987, Lloyd accepted a position at NASA HQ in Washington, DC. During that time Lloyd lived with his wife and three children in Reston, Sterling and Woodbridge, VA. In 1991 he accepted a new position with the Kennedy Space Center and has lived with his family in Merritt Island since then."

Leon Kosofsky

Leon J. Kosofsky, NASA Engineer

"Leon J. Kosofsky, 88, a retired NASA photogrammetric engineer who created detailed maps of the moon's surface, died Oct. 10 at his home in Bethesda. He had melanoma. Mr. Kosofsky joined the space agency in the early 1960s. As a project engineer for the Lunar Orbiter program of unmanned photographic satellites, he created maps of the moon to help locate places for manned missions to land."

Here We Go Again

The Lisa Nowak Case, Back in Court, NY Times

Fla. judges mull evidence for ex-astronaut's trial, AP

"The appellate judges on Tuesday questioned whether Nowak waived her rights before the interview and what detectives knew before they searched her car. They wanted to know if detectives would have found Nowak's car without the help of her statements. Assistant Attorney General Kellie Nielan argued that Nowak voluntarily waived her Miranda rights by continuing to talk to detectives during the interview."

The Right Stuff

NASA Michoud Assembly Facility's Hurricane Gustav Rideout Crew Honored with Director's Commendation Award

"David King, director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., has awarded the Director's Commendation to members of the Hurricane Gustav rideout crew at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans for their outstanding effort in planning and implementing emergency operations to protect the facility. As Hurricane Gustav approached the Gulf Coast, the 51-person rideout crew stayed on the Michoud site to secure the facility, monitor the hurricane and ride out the storm. Its members include NASA civil service, Lockheed Martin contractor employees and Coastal International Security personnel."

Editor's note: I was at MAF a matter of weeks after Katrina. I saw things in the faces of the people who worked there that I never expected to see. How and why they do things harkens back to another time. This is not the first time that these folks have taken significant personal risks to preserve critical aspects of America's human space flight program. They do so in a no-nonsense fashion - and when you ask them why, as I did, they say things such as "because its my job, sir". To those of you sitting behind desks at NASA: think of that later today when you stop what you are doing simply because your car pool is about to leave. During Katrina these people stayed on the job as their families and homes risked - or actually experienced - utter destruction. And then they lived at work for weeks sleeping on cots.

Beth Brown

Sent: Wed 10/8/2008 9:13 AM

Colleagues: This weekend, Goddard lost a member of its family with the passing of Dr. Beth Brown, the Director for Science Communication and Higher Education for the Science and Exploration Division. Her loss was sudden and unexpected and it has left us all with a sense of profound sadness. Dr. Brown was one of Goddard's rising stars. She was only recently appointed to this new position in Code 600, after having completed a 2-year NASA Administrator Fellowship.

NASA Glenn Releases Results of NIOSH Findings Related to Health Concerns

Report: NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland Did Not Cause Cancer in Employees, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health revealed the results of an investigation into two buildings at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland which aimed to determine whether the buildingd caused cancer in employees. The federal agency determined that the buildings were not the cause of cancer in 65 past and present employees. The results were released Wednesday following concerns by a union."

IFPTE Memo to NASA ARC Employees Regarding Conference Limitation

"... we deplore the hysterical reaction by HQ management. Their over-reaction is not helpful and is likely making things worse. Remember this spending restriction was a Senate reaction to true NASA management excesses; NASA management should repent and pledge to take the brunt of the medicine, rather than showing contempt and passing on the pain to its technical employees."

NASA Internal Memo: New Controls on NASA Conference Participation in FY 09, earlier post



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