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New Report Details Aerospace Workforce Needs, Remedies, AIA

"A new report from the aerospace industry promotes the need to convince more students to study math and science and makes proposals to senior policy makers to improve those education disciplines. The new report, "Launching the 21st Century American Aerospace Workforce," documents steps the industry is taking to head off a potential workforce crisis and makes nine policy recommendations to government partners. The report is a follow-up to an analysis released earlier this year that detailed the goals and actions the industry must take to meet the challenge."

This is Just Not Right

NASA, Space Gateway Support Fail to Make Apology, The Earth Times

"NASA and Space Gateway Support still have not issued an apology to identity theft victim David Welch after software engineer Kevin Landivar used a NASA computer to destroy Welchs credit in July."

Report on "Cross-Generational Discussions and Activities",

"Last April, representatives of the next generation workforce community attended the NASA Strategic Management Council (SMC) at Stennis Space Center to discuss strategic workforce issues. The SMC is a top-level meeting with the NASA Administrator and top senior leadership across the agency."

Editor's note: What mystifies me is why this crowd can only seem to present things in Powerpoint. I have yet to see an actual written report from them - one that uses words in sentences, paragraphs, and chapters, and goes into depth in describing the issues that are raised. Relying on Powerpoint slides composed of pictures and one sentence catch phrases does not do the topic the justice that it deserves since this is all that 99.99% of the audience not in attendance ever sees. The response that is often offered is that these slides were used as part of a presentation. OK, where's the video of that presentation? And why is it that this material can only (seemingly) be presented in the form of Powerpoint slides that someone has to then explain and expand upon? Can't someone come up with a self-contained presentation that speaks for itself - in full detail - one that can be read? If the proponents of the ideas listed on these slides cannot explain themselves in writing, what does that say about their ability to fully communicate?

Short blog posts just don't cut it.

Editor's update: One of my readers pointed out that there was a report - but the link is all the way at the bottom of a blog posting. My oversight. You guys might want to make these links a bit more prominent - and fix the broken link that starts with "ohttp://www .... ".

The report "NASA Center Cross-Generation Discussions Summary of Efforts & Results from Ames, Dryden, Glenn, Goddard, Johnson, Kennedy, Langley, Marshall & Stennis" is mostly a loosely knit shopping list of things that people are doing or that people want to see done. The underlying reason(s) for doing these things, i.e. why they are important, how they are chosen, and ow their effectiveness measured, is more or less absent. There is also mention of a "One NASA Philosophy" - something that is not defined - is this just something for civil servants or is NASA's (much larger) pool of contractor employees part of this as well? Nor is there any description of just what generation(s) are being discussed, who fits into which one, and why this "next gen" should be getting different treatment than previous generations. In addition, no author names or contact information is included. How does one seek more information on these topics or offer help? Oddest of all is why the bulk of the visibility and public discussion for this official NASA effort is being done by NASA employees via their own privately-run website. Shouldn't all of NASA be in on this?

Nice start - but this is simply a Powerpoint presentation with lots of words. Maybe the Obama folks will re-initialize this entire discussion such that it results in progress agency-wide and not just verbiage posted in niche locations.

(yet another) Powerpoint presentation below

Steven J. Ostro

Editor's note: From the DPS: "IN MEMORIAM: STEVEN J. OSTRO: We are very sorry to report the news that pioneering JPL radar astronomer Steve Ostro died early on the morning of Monday December 15th. The following appreciation is based on a note sent by Bonnie Buratti to Steve's Cassini colleagues."

NASA LaRC Internal memo: CD Comm # 2008-02 - Improving Financial Performance: Look What's New in Langley's Awards Program!

"Have you ever wanted to say "thank you" to a co-worker or a colleague for a job well done or for going above and beyond in order to help you complete a project or important task? Maybe because of colleague's assistance, you were able to complete a project on time and move on to the next one. Now you will be able to say "thank you" using the new Langley Peer Award."

Message from the Assistant Administrator for Human Capital Management: Survey of NASA's Employee Performance Communication System

"On Dec. 8, the NASA Shared Services Center will ask you via e-mail to participate in an important NASA civil service employee survey. This survey will give you an opportunity to evaluate NASA's current performance management system, the Employee Performance Communication System (EPCS). The EPCS does not cover Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior Scientific and Technical (ST) or Senior Level (SL) employees. One purpose of the EPCS to create a performance culture that focuses on two-way communication and accountability for results that contribute to the accomplishment of the agency's mission. Another purpose of the EPCS is to provide a means to differentiate between high and low performers. Your honest, thoughtful and candid responses to the survey will help us determine whether or not the intended purposes of the EPCS are being met and identify changes that may be necessary."

Huntsville Woman Pleads Guilty in High-Speed Chase That Killed NASA Worker, News 10

"A Huntsville woman accused of murdering a NASA worker on Redstone Arsenal has pleaded guilty in the case. Valorie Cox was driving the car in the high-speed chase with Huntsville Police on May 30. She drove onto the Arsenal and crashed into a pickup truck driven by 39-year-old Darren Spurlock."



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