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Participatory Exploration: The Role of the User Contribution System

Editor's note: These charts by Nick Skytland, NASA JSC, were used as part of his presentation at the NASA PMC 2009 conference. Alas, Nick selectively plugs a non-NASA website - - a site that openly blocks some people from "collaborating" with what it does. Curiously, Nick cites this website in a presentation that is all about collaboration. One other thing, how is it that a NASA civil servant can exert usage restrictions on a document he created as a civil servant as part of his official duties? (see last chart). These materials are in the public domain.

Missing Pieces: What NASA's Gen Y Keeps Missing, Rhetoric & Rockets

"I invite you to visit this web site, and read where Nick Skytland, a Gen-Y civil servant at Johnson Space Center (JSC), posted a presentation from the PM Challenge conference entitled "Participatory Exploration: The Role of the User Contribution System." Go ahead, I'll wait. Okay, now that you've read that, I'll make some obligatory grumpy comments. These are being written in the spirit of constructive criticism, not "Siddown, kid, and wait your turn!" I'm looking at specifics in the presentations and so am asking/commenting about specifics."

Robert Wood

Payload specialist Robert Wood (1957-2009), CollectSpace

"According to the St. Louis Dispatch, former payload specialist Robert J. Wood died in a car accident on February 19. Though he never flew in space, as an engineer with the McDonnell Douglas Aeronautics Company (later Boeing), Wood was chosen as the second industry payload specialist in March 1985 and served as backup to payload specialist Charles Walker on STS-61B."

Life After CNN

Miles O'Brien Returns to Broadcast Journalism Anchoring Blueprint America Documentary on Public Television

"Acclaimed reporter and anchor Miles O'Brien will return to broadcasting this spring as the anchor and correspondent of a BLUEPRINT AMERICA documentary on public television, tentatively titled: "Blueprint America: A Tale of Three Cities." The documentary, presented by WNET.ORG, will take viewers in and around three very different cities--Portland, Denver, and New York--to look past the headlines about crumbling roads and bridges and explore what kind of infrastructure Americans need to meet the pressing challenges of the 21st Century. O'Brien will set out to learn what must be done to keep the nation competitive in the global economy, while at the same time addressing the realities of climate change, diminishing natural resources and population growth."

Shana Dale Update

Shana Dale, Former NASA Deputy Administrator, Joins the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies as Senior Fellow

"Shana L. Dale, the immediate past Deputy Administrator of NASA, is joining the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies as a senior fellow. Dale is a recognized senior executive and leader in aerospace and homeland security, and has broad experience in national security. She also has extensive federal government knowledge and experience, and proven abilities navigating the legislative process, White House policy and procedures, and agency operations."

Mel Averner

Obituary for Maurice M. "Mel" Averner

"In 1967, while on the faculty at Southern Oregon College, Dr. Averner co-authored the world's first monograph on terraforming Mars, entitled, "On the Habitability of Mars: An Approach to Planetary Ecosynthesis." Terraforming, or altering the atmosphere of Mars to make it habitable for humans, via planetary engineering processes, is still being discussed in planetary circles and is the seed to more current discussions of planetary or geo-engineering to reduce the impacts of global warming on our planet."

Mel Averner is survived by his ideas.

Konrad Dannenberg

Editor's 12:07 pm note: I have just received word that Konrad Dannenberg has died. Details to follow.

Editor's update: According to a note from Dannenberg's family "The memorial service will be on Friday at 2:00 in the Davidson Center at the Space and Rocket Center." There will be calling hours, no wake. Just the Memorial Service.

Dannenberg a true space ambassador, Huntsville Times

"He helped create moon rocket, but was most proud of teaching kids Yes, Konrad Dannenberg played a huge role in creating the rocket that took man to the moon. But he served an equally important function in motivating future engineers and astronauts as a lecturer at Space Camp for years after his retirement from NASA."

Editor's update: According to Konrad Danneberg's wife, Jackie, "in lieu of flowers, we are requesting that people donate to the Skylab Restoration Fund at the US Space and Rocket Center Foundation. For more information, see or call 256-837-3400."



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