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More KSC Layoffs Announced

330 more workers at Kennedy Space Center slated to lose jobs, Orlando Sentinel

"While the debate continues in Washington over the future of NASA's human spaceflight plans, contractors at Kennedy Space Center are pressing ahead with plans to lay off hundreds more workers as the date of the space shuttle retirement looms. Boeing Co. announced Friday it will shed 330 jobs at KSC, starting in January and continuing in stages through August."

Stu Nozette Legal Update

Scientist gave Israelis secrets, court told, Washington Post

"... prosecutors said Nozette claimed that in the past he had "communicated classified information" to the foreign company while working as a consultant. "In his mind, he committed actual espionage," Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Asuncion said during a hearing in the District's federal court. ... [Nozette] said he had made a "career choice" to become a spy and planned to leave the United States and live abroad under a false name."

Nozette Update

Scientist offered U.S. secrets for $2 million, prosecutors say, Washington Post

"A Chevy Chase scientist accused of attempted espionage wanted $2 million for his secrets and stashed 55 gold Krugerrand coins worth about $50,000 in a California safe deposit box, federal prosecutors said."

Accused spy scientist due in court, AP

"A space exploration scientist accused of attempted espionage is scheduled to appear in court to learn whether he will have to stay behind bars while he awaits trial."

Nozette Update

Espionage suspect has friends puzzled, Washington Post

"Nozette wanted to repeat the experiments with more sophisticated equipment, former colleagues said, and he lobbied lawmakers and officials to give him another chance. But NASA had another probe, the Lunar Prospector. Nozette and a colleague visited top-ranking NASA officials in hopes of ending the mission and getting the funding for their project, said Alan Binder, the lead scientist on the Prospector. Binder, who fended off the assault, said he never forgave Nozette. "He wanted the glory," Binder said. "He wanted the mission."

Notice of Membership of SES Performance Review Board, Federal Register

"The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978, Public Law 95-454 (Section 405) requires that appointments of individual members to a Performance Review Board (PRB) be published in the Federal Register. The performance review function for the SES in NASA is being performed by the NASA PRB and the NASA Senior Executive Committee. The latter performs this function for senior executives who report directly to the Administrator or the Deputy Administrator and members of the PRB. The following individuals are serving on the Board and the Committee:"

Stu Nozette Legal Update

Espionage suspect pleaded to overbilling govt, AP

"Court records show a former government scientist accused of attempted espionage last week pleaded guilty earlier this year to overbilling NASA and the Department of Defense more than $265,000 for contracting work. The January plea by 52-year-old Stewart Nozette of Chevy Chase, Md., was detailed in court records unsealed Friday. The records state the documents were sealed because Nozette was cooperating in unrelated government corruption investigations."

Espionage suspect had guilty plea in fraud, Washington Post

"According to the unsealed court documents, Nozette was charged with defrauding the government and tax evasion and pleaded guilty in January to overbilling the government $265,205 for work he and an employee did for NASA and the Defense Department between 2000 and 2006. Nozette admitted that he used that money to help pay personal credit card bills, car loans and maintenance costs for his swimming pool. He faced at least two years in prison under federal sentencing guidelines, according to the plea papers. The documents were sealed because Nozette was cooperating with authorities in unrelated investigations of government corruption, court records show."

HSPD-12 Update

Twitter posts from @marsroverdriver

- Direct links to sample letters: (HTML) (DOC). Print, sign, & send. Thanks for your time and support!

- More lawsuit info (if you want to know what you're supporting): . Basically, gov says: give up all privacy to keep job.

- I'm a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit to protect privacy (risking my job). Want to help? Send a letter to US atty general:

Scientist accused of espionage to remain in jail, judge decides, Washington Post

"A federal judge ordered that a Chevy Chase scientist remain jailed on a charge that he tried to pass national secrets to the Israeli government in exchange for $11,000."

U.S. extends remand of would-be spy for Israel, Ha'aretz

"Israeli and American sources said on Tuesday that Nozette had business dealings with Israel Aerospace Industries."

Accused Spy Was Hot on Trail of Lunar Ice, Science

"Nozette, who is currently associated with the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) in Houston, Texas, became principal investigator of a bona fide radar instrument onboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter now orbiting the moon and co-PI of a similar radar on the now-defunct Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft orbited by India."

EADS North America names Sean O'Keefe as Chief Executive Officer

"EADS, a global leader in aerospace, defense and related services, has named Sean O'Keefe as Chief Executive Officer to lead the operations of EADS North America. His appointment is effective November 1, 2009 and he will become a member of the EADS NV Executive Committee beginning January 1, 2010."

Keith's note: Yesterday, Sean O'Keefe's formal portrait (larger view) was unveiled at NASA Headquarters. Present at the event were O'Keefe, his daughter Lindsey, and wife Laura (photo by Bill Ingalls).

Paul Martin = NASA's New IG?

NASA's next inspector general?, Orlando Sentinel

"Paul Martin -- the man who would become NASA's next chief watchdog -- is scheduled to appear this afternoon for a confirmation hearing before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation committee and soon could fill the contentious position of NASA Inspector General."

Ryan Derousseau:, the Washington Post Co.'s directory of powerful players in government, wants to expand its profiles of NASA officials. Help us grow our knowledge of the space community by contributing to our moderated wiki, where you - the users with invaluable information about your fellow policymakers - can add to existing profiles or create entirely new ones about the people you know best. There are several ways you can highlight the accomplishments of NASA and its leaders:

-Update our profile of NASA CIO Linda Cureton
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These are only a few names we definitely need. For example, if you think Associate Administrator of Aeronautics Research Jaiwon Shin should be highlighted for his work, then feel free to write a profile of him.

How to Participate: (continued below)

Shana Dale Update

Keith's note: Starting on 19 October Shana Dale will be the new Senior Vice President of Space and Earth Technology Services (SETS) Sector for Perot Systems. This is one of the sectors within Government Services' Federal Civilian Division. She will be responsible for leading an organization that delivers science, engineering, consulting and IT services to NASA and NOAA clients. She will also continue to serve as a Senior Fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies; an advisory board member for Rohati; and a member of the Biological Sciences Experts Group, Counterproliferation Center, Office of Director of National Intelligence.

Rodger Doxsey

Hubble Project Pioneer Rodger Doxsey Passes Away

"Dr. Rodger Doxsey, head of the Space Telescope Science Institute's (STScI) Hubble Mission Office, passed away on October 13 after a prolonged illness. The New York native was 62 years old. Doxsey oversaw Hubble science operations at STScI in Baltimore, Md., for nearly three decades."

Richard T. Whitcomb

Aviation pioneer Richard Whitcomb has died in Newport News at the age of 89. The NASA Langley Research Center engineer has been called the most significant aerodynamic contributor of the second half of the 20th century. If you look at almost any large airplane today -- especially those that fly at supersonic speeds -- you can see the genius of Dick Whitcomb. More

Robert C. Schindler

Rocket scientist, inventor, classic car enthusiast, green thumb, and loving husband and father, Robert C Schindler of Rancho Murieta CA died on October 9 at his home, surrounded by family. He was born on April 5 1928 in Buffalo NY, one of identical twin brothers, to Carl Joseph and Marion Tangelder Schindler. He was 81.

Frank Caldeiro

Astronaut Fernando Caldeiro Has Died

"NASA astronaut Fernando "Frank" Caldeiro died Saturday morning after an extended illness. Caldeiro was a member of the Astronaut Class of 1996 and most recently was assigned to the WB-57 High Altitude Research Program within the Aircraft Operations Division at Ellington Field in Houston. In that role, he directed the integration and conducted the operation of high-altitude atmospheric research experiments carried on board the NASA WB-57."



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