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Roy Estess

Roy Estess, Clarion-Ledger

"Roy Simmons Estess of Carriere, Mississippi passed away Friday evening at his residence in Tylertown, Mississippi. He was 71 years of age. Visitation will be held at Tylertown Baptist Church on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 from 12 Noon until 2 P.M. Funeral services will immediately follow with the Reverend Dr. Raymond Leake and Reverend Wayne Ward officiating. Interment will be at Tylertown Cemetery."

Former Stennis director Estess dies at 71, Sun Herald

"From the cafeteria worker to the test-stand operator, workers loved him, she said. "I don't know anyone who didn't consider it a privilege and a pleasure to work for him," she said. "I never heard a negative word about him. He had a special gift for making others feel appreciated."

Tribute to Roy Estess (Senate - July 29, 2002)

Space Economic Task Force Seeks Florida Public Comments

"The Task Force on Space Industry Workforce and Economic Development has launched an interactive website to encourage public comment on ways to promote economic growth and sustainability in Florida's Space Coast region as it adapts to changes in America's space program. The site offers valuable information about the work the administration is doing to create jobs in the region by fostering a more supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem."

Keith's note: Why is there not a similar flurry of NASA/White House interest in the impact of the Constellation layoffs in Alabama, Texas, and elsewhere?

Meeting held by Jacobs Engineering could mean big changes for company, WAFF

"Sources say people inside this meeting were given the option to take a voluntary layoff and receive one thousand dollars as well as pay until July 9th. They say workers were also told they can apply for part time work, or stay and see what happens. Jacobs was contacted to get more information. We're still waiting to hear what they have to say about Tuesday's meeting and what's next for their company's future in Huntsville."

No way to run the space program, opinion, Huntsville Times

"Some contractor employees working on the Constellation program have already been told to expect layoff notices and buyout offers, and others will probably join them this week and next. Up to 1,000 or so jobs are at stake at 21 local contractors employing 1,750 people on the Constellation program."

Governor Riley sounds off on space jobs in Alabama, WAFF

"This is going to be an administrative decision, but it has a huge impact on us here. We do have BRAC that's bringing in six or seven thousand jobs. We've got a couple of other announcements I hope to be making in the next several months," said Governor Riley."

CxP Layoff Update

Task force still working to save NASA's Constellation program, avoid layoffs in Huntsville, Huntsville Times

"Boeing has already announced that it will issue layoff notices to 100 Constellation rocket program employees on July 2. Battle said he has heard rumors that 700-800 local NASA contractors could eventually receive pink slips."

700-800 contractor layoffs may hit Marshall Space Flight Center, WAFF

"Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle says that there could be anywhere from 700 to 800 layoffs for Marshall Space Flight Center contractors. Monday, The mayor's "Second to None" Task Force met with Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger to update him on efforts to save MSFC's Constellation Program and secure his support."

Maryland Congressman: Don't cancel Constellation without "roadmap" for NASA's future, Huntsville Times

"During a morning news conference, Ruppersberger said he is concerned about ending the rocket program without a "roadmap" for how America will remain a leader in space."

White House looks to help shuttle workers (outside Florida) , Orlando Sentinel

"When President Barack Obama visited Kennedy Space Center in April, he pledged $40 million to help aerospace workers in Florida find new jobs after the space shuttle fleet completes its final mission, now scheduled for later this year. But the gesture didn't sit well in other states with NASA centers -- particularly Texas and Alabama -- which also would be affected by the shuttle's retirement."

President Obama Proposes Additional Financing For Growth And Jobs

"The president submitted to Congress on Friday, June 18, a fiscal year 2011 budget amendment that targets up to $100 million toward spurring regional economic growth and job creation in the aerospace industry. The amendment would provide up to $40 million in aid for Florida's Space Coast and a maximum of about $60 million for other affected regions. These funds specifically would be made available from the Constellation Program transition element of the agency's exploration request. The amendment does not increase the total of the administration's fiscal year 2011 budget request."

Huntsville's Constellation contractors getting the bad news beginning today, Huntsville Times

"Huntsville's Constellation contractors find out as early as today about what's left of the rocket program, and that means hundreds of layoff notices beginning next week. NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center began sending letters to contractors Thursday telling them how much money they have left to spend on Constellation for the rest of the fiscal year ending Sept. 30."

Laid-off Constellation workers "ideal candidates" for incoming BRAC jobs, Huntsville Times

"The chairman of the Tennessee Valley BRAC Committee said Friday that laid-off NASA Constellation workers will have a "really good" chance of finding jobs in the growing defense industry here. "There are plenty of positions open," Joe Ritch said. "Those people are ideal candidates."

Obama Asks Congress to Shift $100M from NASA for Job Initiatives, Space News

"NASA spokesman Michael Cabbage said in a June 18 statement the space agency "is pleased the president has targeted additional support from his fiscal year 2011 budget request to help the communities and workers around the U.S. most deeply involved in our space program meet the challenges of tomorrow. "Our workforce is incredibly talented and dedicated, and we are committed to equipping them with the tools they need to contribute to new developments in our nation's space program and related industries," Cabbage continued. "This $100 million investment in our people is essential to spurring regional economic growth and job creation."

Lockheed Martin moving some workers off Orion space project, Denver Business Journal

"Lockheed Martin Space Systems is moving 300 positions away from development of the Orion space capsule and dropping another 300 subcontractors from the project over the next month."

NASA contractors preparing for the worst, Galveston County Daily News

"The number of layoffs that face NASA contractors in the Houston area is unknown at this point, but major Constellation and shuttle program contractors are preparing for the worst."

Layoff Update

Latest NASA salvo leading to layoffs, Bay Area Citizen

"NASA headquarters began playing hardball this past week in the fight with Congress over its budget, telling major contractors they must curtail work on the Constellation program or they may be in violation of federal spending rules. The surprise move brought angry reaction from various corners of the country as aerospace contractors went public with their fears that possibly 5,000 jobs could be lost before the end of the year - including quite a few in the Clear Lake area."

City braces for 'serious' Constellation job loss as signs of longterm compromise appear, Huntsville Times

"Huntsville is bracing for "serious and significant job loss" after NASA's decision to cut nearly $1 billion from the Constellation rocket program, Mayor Tommy Battle says. But what could be the basis for a longterm compromise over NASA's space program began forming this week in the U.S. Senate."

Our views: End the stalemate, editorial, Florida Today

"On one hand there's the Obama administration, which keeps pressing its plan to launch astronauts aboard private rockets and kill the Constellation moon project. On the other are some members of Congress from NASA-dependent states, fighting to save Constellation and armed with a law that says it can't be canceled without congressional approval. Common sense calls for cool-headed negotiations to break the impasse, but that's too much to ask in Washington."

Huntsville bracing for 'serious and significant' space program job loss, Huntsville Times

"This city is bracing for "serious and significant job loss" due to NASA's decision last week to hold back nearly $1 billion in funding for the Constellation rocket program, Mayor Tommy Battle says."

Mayor Battle Demands NASA'S Plans for Constellation Cuts, WAAY

"Mayor Battle held a news conference Tuesday afternoon outlining the city's mission to try and communicate with Robert Lightfoot the Director Marshall Space Flight Center. He has written two letters to Lightfoot. In the first letter the Mayor asked that the agency stop any and all public announcements regarding potential job terminations or contract changes until his office and the Alabama Congressional Delegation can be appropriately briefed on the steps to be taken."

Mayor Battle demands details of NASA's plans for Constellation, WAFF

"Mayor Battle feels the government has turned its back on the future of manned space flight, and it's a slap in the face to the highly skilled engineers and scientists who stand to lose their jobs."

NASA Layoff Update

No NASA employees will lose jobs in Constellation cuts, space agency confirms, Huntsville Times

"NASA Headquarters in Washington confirmed today that no government employees here will lose their jobs in current cuts being made in the Constellation rocket program."

Space Policy Fight May Have No Winners, Aviation Week

"Bolden says "most of these reductions will be implemented via reductions in workforce" in the weeks ahead, "beginning immediately" and totaling an estimated "30-60% of the current population, or 2,500-5,000, for the balance of the year."

Job fairs, workshop planned for space shuttle workers, Florida Today

"Two upcoming job fairs and a workshop aim to assist aerospace professionals whose jobs could end with the shuttle program, and those already out of work."

Constellation may not recover from NASA's rare move last week, Huntsville Times

"Details were still sketchy Monday on exactly how many Constellation contractor employees could be laid off here, although Boeing has already announced 100 cuts. Attempts to reach managers of other key contractors were unsuccessful."

Aderholt Pledges Constellation Fight, WAAY 31

"WAAY 31 talked with one of Constellation's strongest supporters in Washington - Congressman Robert Aderholt of Haleyville on Friday. "I think it was a little bit premature" the Republican told us. "considering the fact that Congress has still got to pass the appropriations bill, the money has still got to be appropriated to NASA, and it was just disappointing that they would go ahead and move forward on this without Congressional approval."

Boeing says 100 will lose jobs here due to Constellation cuts, Huntsville Times

"Boeing will issue termination notices July 2 to 100 Constellation rocket program employees here, a spokesman said today. "That's the first increment," spokesman Ed Memi said. Additional cuts could be ahead, he said."

Constellation's cancellation could affect thousands of jobs, WAFF

"ATK spokeswoman Trina Patterson said the company has 90 employees in Huntsville, and 2,000 overall who work on the Ares project. "We have received no direction from NASA, so we cannot comment on how we will proceed," commented Patterson."

Here Come The Layoffs

Keith's note: According to one MSFC reader: "It's basically "say goodbye to Ares Day" here. Managers and branch chiefs are in meetings all morning. There is an all-hands meeting at 2:00 pm. "Tough times ahead" is acknowledged by many."

Rep. Bishop responds to NASA's efforts to end the Constellation, Cache Valley Daily

"This recent directive handed down by NASA officials shows blatant disregard for the laws set forth by Congress to prevent this very action," says Rep. Bishop. "The administration is disregarding these policies with reckless abandon and doing so in a way that I find to be in complete violation of the legal parameters."

Hutchison says NASA is skirting law by shutting down Constellation, The Hill

"For months, NASA's leadership has claimed they are not working to subvert Constellation despite information to the contrary," Hutchison said in a statement."

NASA orders immediate cuts; job losses expected, KENS5

"At the time, economists predicted as many as 7,000 jobs could be lost in Houston as the space shuttle program was phased out and Constellation winded down. Another 4,000 indirect jobs at local businesses were predicted to be on the line."

Constellation contractor Boeing makes Huntsville job cuts, WAFF

"The cancellation of the NASA Constellation program is having an impact on contractors in Huntsville. Boeing spokesperson Ed Memi said they could possibly lay of 60 percent off the 300 people who work on the Constellation and Ares project."

Boeing could lay off 180 after Constellation funding cuts, Huntsville Times

"The Boeing Co., which employs 300 people on Constellation here, said Thursday it will hand termination notices to an unspecified number July 2. Their jobs will end Sept. 3 unless Boeing can find slots in other programs, spokesman Ed Memi said."

Colorado's delegation seeks to save Lockheed jobs, Denver Post

"Lockheed Martin has said it may have to cut some of the 600 to 650 employees who work on Orion in Colorado because NASA expects it and other contractors to shoulder the cost of terminating the Constellation spaceflight project, of which Orion is a part. The company said May 27 it is cutting project costs by 20 percent. About 1,000 people in the state and 4,000 nationwide work on Orion for various contractors."

2,000 ATK jobs at stake; Bishop says directive will deal 'irreversible blow' to Utah industry, Standard-Examiner

"A NASA plan to force Alliant Techsystems to set aside $500 million to deal with potential termination costs of the Constellation rocket program could end up decimating the ATK space systems work force in the Top of Utah, according to space agency documents. A NASA letter, dated June 9, and its attachments estimate the "worst-case scenario" for ATK would be more than 2,000 layoffs beyond those the company has already implemented."

Space Coast task force gathers at White House, Orlando Sentinel

"Top administration officials met at the White House on Tuesday as part of a months-long effort to save the Space Coast economy, which expected to crater once NASA flies it final space shuttle mission this year from Cape Canaveral. No decisions were made, but NASA chief Charlie Bolden and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said they were in the process in trying to decide how to spend $40 million in federal dollars to help thousands of Kennedy Space Center workers set to lose their jobs after the shuttle's retirement."

Looming Job Losses

Huntsville leaders to 'turn up the noise' about importance of Constellation space program, Huntsville Times

"Huntsville leaders fighting Obama administration plans to scuttle NASA's Constellation program said Friday they want to work with the current Congress to secure the program's future rather than risk success on who might be in Washington after the November election. So they want to "turn up the noise," Mayor Tommy Battle said. They want people to show Congress their support for the manned space flight program by e-mail, letters, phone calls, web videos and other ways of getting Washington's attention."

Help sought for NASA workers, Houston Chronicle

"The Houston region could lose as many as 7,000 jobs at Johnson Space Center and among NASA contractors as a result of threatened cutbacks in the manned space program sought by President Barack Obama. The requested assistance draws upon the same U.S. Labor Department program that provided Florida's Brevard Workforce Development Board Inc. $15 million in emergency assistance to help roughly 3,200 contract and subcontract workers along Florida's Space Coast."

Ideas abound to save jobs as shuttle program ends, AP

"NASA and Florida's congressional delegation have been pushing the Obama administration to add a third launch next June. Some also have asked the president to reconsider ending the Constellation program, though Congress will make the final decision. "I am not satisfied at this point that the president's plan is the best plan for men in space," said Florida Rep. Alan Grayson, who was on the panel along with fellow Democratic Rep. Suzanne Kosmas."

NASA And Commerce Present Update On Space Industry Task Force

"NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke will present an update about the Presidential Task Force on Space Industry Work Force and Economic Development at 10 a.m. EDT on Friday, June 4. The event will be held in the ballroom of the Orlando Airport Hyatt Hotel, Intercontinental Ballroom, Section 5, 9300 Airport Blvd., Orlando, Fla. The event will be carried live on NASA Television and also available on line."

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden To Hold Town Hall Meeting on Space Coast Economy

"The Task Force, co-chaired by Locke and Bolden, is leading the initiative to coordinate and implement a plan to grow the region's economy and prepare its workers for the opportunities of tomorrow. The interagency effort will build on and complement ongoing local and federal economic and workforce development efforts."

AIAA Applauds Federal Measures Assisting Transition of Space Shuttle Professionals

"[AIAA President Dr. Mark J.] Lewis continued: "The Labor Department's decision, in tandem with Rep. Suzanne Kosmas' (FL-24) recently introduced 'Space to Schools Act' - which encourages former space shuttle program workers with relevant aerospace experience to qualify as elementary, secondary, or vocational school teachers, by providing up to $10,000 per worker for required teacher training - represent concrete, first steps by the government to assist the transition of space shuttle professionals."

Feds Hope Grant Will Launch NASA Employees Future, CBS4

"The federal government is hoping a new multi-million dollar grant will help soon-to-be unemployed NASA workers launch their new careers. The money is needed for thousands of full-time contractors who work on the space shuttle program."

JSC community left out of $15 million aid package, Houston Chronicle

"The Obama administration dealt another symbolic blow to Houston's space community Wednesday by delivering $15 million in assistance to help Florida aerospace workers get new jobs after the shuttle fleet retires this year. No such money so far has been promised to the Johnson Space Center. "No one should be surprised by this," said Bob Mitchell, head of the Bay Area Economic Partnership. "This is a political statement by the White House and an attempt by this administration to divide the states."

Displaced NASA workers get $15 million from Labor, The Hill

"Today, these hard-working Americans need and deserve our support, and I am pleased that this grant will allow them to upgrade their skills further and gain access to work opportunities in high demand industries," Solis said."

US Department of Labor announces $15 million grant to assist workers in Florida affected by end of Space Shuttle Program

"We must take every step possible to maintain the Space Coast's highly skilled workforce, and this grant will provide critical support to workers and help them find new job opportunities in our community," said Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, who represents Florida's District 24 and joined Secretary Solis in making the grant announcement. "At the same time, I will continue working to minimize the human space flight gap and attract new businesses to the Space Coast in order to strengthen and diversify our economy."

Labor Secretary Plans "Major" Announcement On Shuttle Workforce, Florida Today

"Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis plans a "major announcement" related to helping the shuttle workforce during a Wednesday morning visit to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. According to a Department of Labor press release, Solis will "make a major announcement to assist NASA workers who will be dislocated as a result of the impending retirement of the Space Shuttle Program."

Kosmas, Secretary of Labor Announce $15 Million Grant to Assist Space Coast Workers

"Today, Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas (FL-24) joined Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis in announcing a $15 million grant to assist workers on the Space Coast. The grant was awarded to The Brevard Workforce Development Board to aid thousands of workers who will be impacted by the impending retirement of NASA's Space Shuttle Program."

Posey's Statement on Labor Secretary's Announcement of Grant for Space Workers

"None of this would have been necessary if the President had kept his August 2008 promise to the people of the Space Coast - that he would close the gap between Shuttle and Constellation and keep America first in space."



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