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Space Center future will be bright - eventually, its director says, Orlando Sentinel

"I see a great future for KSC," center director Robert Cabana told several hundred community boosters, elected officials, union members and industry executives gathered at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for the annual "Community Leaders Briefing." But short-term challenges - including mass layoffs - are looming, he added. Unlike previous briefings, this year's gathering resembled a pep rally for a high school football team after a losing season rather than the traditional "state of Kennedy Space Center" update."

For Space Shuttle Workers, The End Is Here, Discovery News

"The company previously shed 743 positions under its shuttle processing contract during layoffs in October 2009 and this past June. The latest wave cuts about 15 percent of the firm's 8,100-member shuttle workforce, with more layoffs coming next year."

More Than 1,300 Space Shuttle Workers Get Layoff Notices,

"More than 1,300 space shuttle workers received layoff notices this week from United Space Alliance - a NASA contractor that is cutting 15 percent of its 8,100-person workforce ahead of the shuttle fleet's retirement next year. Layoff notices were issued to 1,394 USA employees in all, company spokesperson Kari Fluegel told The layoffs take effect Oct. 1 and were announced earlier this month by USA officials."

Shuttle contractor to lay off more than 400 TX workers, KTRK

"In all, 1,397 employees will be laid off effective October 1. That includes 478 employees in Texas, 14 in Alabama and 905 in Florida. All employees will receive severance and job training for other fields."

Klaus Heiss

Keith's note: According to his family: "Dr. Klaus Peter Heiss passed away peacefully on July 24, 2010 in his hometown Brixen/South Tyrol after an extended illness that he met with grace and quiet determination. Funeral will be held Tuesday July 27, 2010 in the Pfarrkirche Brixen/South Tyrol. Memorial service in the Deutschordenskirche in Vienna, Singerstrasse 7, in September. Dr. Heiss was bearer of several awards like Goldenes Ehrenzeichen der Auslandsoesterreicher, NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal, and Ehrenzeichen der Stadt Brixen." - The Heiss and the Kuen family Brixen/South Tyrol and Hinterbruehl/Austria.

Original notice in English and German (PDF)

NASA OIG Review of Constellation Program Manager Jeffrey Hanley's Reassignment

"The OIG found that Hanley's reassignment was a management decision made by Douglas Cooke, Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems, with the concurrence of NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, and was taken in response to actions by Hanley that led senior NASA leadership to believe he could no longer effectively lead Constellation during a period when the President was seeking to cancel the Program in the face of significant congressional opposition. ... The OIG review found that Hanley does not claim he was retaliated against through this reassignment and we uncovered no evidence of unlawful reprisal. The OIG also found no evidence to suggest that Hanley was reassigned in order to delay or thwart execution of the Constellation Program or to foreclose Congress's ability to consider alternatives to the Administration's plan for NASA."

Text of Letter from NASA OIG to Sens. Rockefeller and Hutchison Regarding Jeff Hanley's Reassignment

"After attending the speech. Hanley sent Bolden an e-mail later that day with the subject line "Respectfully submitted." In the e-mail, Hanley thanked Bolden for his words of support, but requested that Bolden "hear us out'" regarding Constellation. He told Bolden that "Walking away so lightly from a focused concerted effort to explore in our lifetimes should be reconsidered," and questioned Bolden for "decisions being made without yourself ever receiving a briefing from anyone in the program as to what we are all about."' He continued that "to not hear our story, directly, and to hear NASA leadership and administration officials further spread the spin and accusations of others without giving us a chance to rebutt [sic] or respond does not align with the core values you recited to us today."

Kosmas Discusses Space Coast Economic Development with Local Officials, Rep. Kosmas

"We must explore every possible option for creating new job opportunities along the Space Coast to preserve our community's highly-skilled workforce," said Suzanne Kosmas "I have made it a priority to ensure that those on the local level are able to create and implement the vision for our community's future. We have a great opportunity to strengthen and diversify the Space Coast's economy and I will make sure that small businesses, industry and academia have a voice in the process."

Kosmas, Officials Discuss Space Coast Jobs, WESH

"The group plans on handing over a full report to the president by Aug. 15. On Saturday, the panel also discussed transferring jobs to clean technology, like hybrid cars."

Kosmas sets shuttle discussion, Forida Today

"Dale Ketcham uses military-style imagery to illustrate what's happening on the Space Coast and beyond with the shuttle retirement. Some communities handle the closing of a military base magnificently, said Ketcham, director of the University of Central Florida's Spaceport Research and Technology Institute. Some areas, years after a base closure, still suffer. Ketcham is part of the movement to avoid the latter picture as the region moves toward and into the post-shuttle era."

NASA's Astronaut Corps: Status of Corrective Actions Related to Health Care Activities, NASA OIG, 6 July 2010

"NASA Had Not Taken Actions to Address Two Recommendations. At the time of this review, NASA Headquarters had not addressed the recommendation from the Safety and Mission Assurance report to implement a NASA-wide alcohol testing program because no NASA official had been assigned responsibility to address the issue."

"NASA Was Unable to Address One Recommendation. NASA was unable to address a Committee recommendation that it fully integrate behavioral health information derived from psychological testing evaluations into the final selection process of astronaut candidates if the information is found to be useful."

- NASA Fact Sheet on the Findings of the Astronaut Health Care System Review Committee, earlier post from 2007
- NASA JSC Internal Assessment of Medical Practices after Nowak Incident, earlier post from 2007
- NASA Astronaut Health Care System Review Committee February - June, 2007 Report to the Administrator, earlier post from 2007
- Opening Remarks on Astronaut Health Reports by NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale, earlier post from 2007

Wayne Hale is Retiring

@waynehale: "Updated my blog a few minutes ago announcing my retirement at the end of the month. Its been great!"

All Good Things, Wayne Hale's NASA Blog

"Working at NASA has been a lifelong dream; I often tell people that I would have paid them to let me in the door rather than the other way around. It has been a privilege and an honor to work in this place and with these people. The achievements that we have made together will have lasting significance for all humankind. I want to especially thank my many wonderful co-workers who are so dedicated, innovative, and hard working. I wish them every success in the future with all my heart."

Primary shuttle contractor sees layoffs by Oct. 1, Houston Chronicle

"The Houston-based company employs approximately 8,100 employees at its Florida, Texas and Alabama sites, including nearly 3,000 in the Houston area. The cuts will reduce as many as 400 positions from the Houston office."

United Space Alliance Announces Sweeping Layoffs, WESH

"The Houston-based company said in a news release that 800 to 1000 jobs could be lost in Florida."

USA to lay off up to 1,000 Florida shuttle workers, Orlando Sentinel

"USA said it employs approximately 8,100 employees at its Florida, Texas and Alabama sites. The layoffs will hit about 800-1000 employees in Florida, about 300-400 employees in Texas and about 10 in Alabama, the company said."

United Space Alliance to reduce workforce by 15%; about 10 jobs in Huntsville, Huntsville Times

"Our workforce has known for several years that the space shuttle program has been scheduled to end, but layoffs are always difficult for everyone involved," said company President/CEO Virginia Barnes. "The accomplishments of this team are unmatched in human spaceflight. We acknowledge the tremendous talent and commitment of our teammates and congratulate them on their achievements."

Nasa space shuttle firm to cut 1,000 jobs, BBC

"People being laid off now is just the beginning. Many more thousands will be laid of as the shuttle programme is wound down," Keith Cowing, the editor of space specialist website Nasa Watch, told the BBC World Service."



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