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Rob Strain Leaving NASA

NASA GSFC Center Director Rob Strain Announces Plans to Leave

"It is with mixed emotions that I announce my intention to leave NASA Goddard and return to industry. My last day as Director will be March 4. During my time here, it has been my privilege to play a small role in our awesome missions, remarkable science, complex engineering feats, and initiatives. Goddard continues to amaze me with the extraordinary accomplishments its people make every day."

Goddard Center Director Robert Strain Announces Departure from Agency, NASA Goddard

"NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Director Robert Strain announced he will leave the agency on March 4, 2012, to take a position in private industry."

Mino Freund

Keith's note: Mino Freund from NASA Ames has died after a lengthy battle with brain tumors. You can read about Mino's challenges on his blog "A Little Detour". Of all the things I could say about Mino, I guess the most important is that he was always fun to talk to and he was curious about absolutely everything. I really can't say that about everyone.

Supervisory Public Affairs Specialist

"As a Supervisory Public Affairs Specialist within the Office Of Communications, you will lead the development and implementation of a comprehensive communications program for the NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center's Wallops Flight Facility (WFF). You will participate in the long and short-range strategic program planning and goal-setting for the Office of Communications at WFF. This includes communicating and engaging the public in the status, accomplishments and discoveries of the Agency's science, engineering and technology programs, and assessing, developing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders."

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