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Reinventing Past Facts

Editor's note: John Logsdon has a well written Op Ed titled "The Road Ahead for NASA" in the 17 January 2005 edition of Space News. The article makes some good observations and is well worth reading. Logsdon's affiliation with George Washington University and his service on the CAIB are mentioned at the bottom of the article. Curiously, even as he mentions a variety of recent political influences within his piece, he neglects to mention that he spent most of 2004 as a space advisor to the Kerry campaign.

Putting Some Heat on Bush - Scientist Inspires Anger, Awe for Challenges on Global Warming, Washington Post

"[James E.] Hansen, a lifelong government employee who heads NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, has inspired both anger and awe in the nation's scientific and political communities since publicly denouncing the Bush administration's policy on climate change last year."

A tale of two victories, James Muncy, Space Review

"Two "good news" space stories of 2004 stand out in particular as possible breakthroughs for humanity's future in space, perhaps especially because they occurred in a city not always judged as foresighted: Washington, DC. Both of these developments were surprisingand arguably unprecedentedpolitical victories for fragile new space enterprises seeking support from the US Congress in an especially partisan election year."



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