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Another Curious Omission

Speech by NASA Administrator Griffin at the NASA Langley Colloquium Series Sigma Public Lecture Series

Editor's note: Curiously, in this presentation made at LaRC today, Griffin cites a speech by OSTP Director Marburger, the President's original January 2004 VSE presentation, and the NASA Authorization Act of 2005. Yet no specific mention is made of the new National Space Policy quietly released 2 weeks ago - a document strong on national security and defense.

Belligerent Tone Mars U.S. Administration Space Policy, Lou Friedman, Planetary Society

"The policy is officially a revision of the policy issued ten years ago by the Clinton Administration and, in content, it makes relatively minor changes from previous U.S. policy. But is not the content that has attracted so much attentionit is the tone in which it is expressed. It is belligerent and bellicose, and reminiscent of a schoolyard bully."

Editor's note: Finally, someone has taken the time to craft a response to the new space policy that is well written and doesn't rely on inaccurate arm waving (Bill Nye) or misquotes (NY Times).

Press Briefing by White House Press Secretary Tony Snow 20 October 2006: NASA Excerpt

"Q Tony, can you say a few words about the new Bush space policy that was released, strangely enough, on a Friday afternoon before Columbus Day, on the website of the Office of Science and Technology --

MR. SNOW: You mean the strategy that, strangely enough, was announced in July?

Q No, it was put on the website on the weekend of Columbus Day."

Asking for Trouble, Creepy, and Weird, Bill Nye, Planetary Society

"Yesterday, the United States government established new laws for its "space policy."

Editor's note: Actually Bill, the White House issued the document two weeks ago - see White House Issues New Space Policy Document, posted here on 6 October, for details.

In addition to being confused about when this policy was released, Nye is confused about some other things as well.

NASA MSFC Solicitation NNM06169943R: Final RFP (excerpts) - Office of Strategic Analysis and Communications Support Services

Editor's update: It certainly looks like Dave King has decided to create his own version of what NASA Headquarters is supposed to be doing in terms of Strategic Communication, including direct interaction with Congress.

"Enabling message-sharing and exchange to promote an accurate and positive representation of Marshall throughout NASA and the external community with communication products and services"

"Support the strategic research & analysis function to include concentration on Agency, legislative, political, economic, social, technological, and macro- and micro- event monitoring relevant to Marshall's mission assignments;"

Letter From Space Journalists to NASA Administrator Griffin Regarding Recent Security Policy Changes at NASA Headquarters

"As journalists who cover NASA, we are deeply concerned about the new policy effective October 1 barring all news media from entering headquarters in Washington without an escort from the Office of Public Affairs. This policy, made without consultation with the media, runs directly counter to the space agency's longstanding tradition and reputation for openness and cooperation with reporters and editors."

U.S. National Space Policy, Office of Science and Technology Policy

"The President authorized a new national space policy on August 31, 2006 that establishes overarching national policy that governs the conduct of U.S. space activities. This policy supersedes Presidential Decision Directive/NSC-49/NSTC-8, National Space Policy, dated September 14, 1996."

Meeting Minutes and Actions

Date: 15 June 2006
Time: 12:30 p.m. 4:55 p.m. (EDT)
Location: NASA Kennedy Space Center, Headquarters Building, 4th floor conference room

First Item of Business: Agency Strategy Discussion

Mike Griffin led the members is a discussion of the need for everyone to fully adopt and support the Agency's strategic plan.



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