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Hopes for NASA's moon mission fade, Washington Post

"White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said Sunday, "The President is committed to a robust 21st century space program, and his budget will reflect that dedication to NASA. NASA is vital not only to spaceflight, but also for critical scientific and technological advancements. The expertise at NASA is essential to developing innovative new opportunities, industries, and jobs. The President's budget will take steps in that direction."

Change in Space for NASA: Renting the Right Stuff, AP

"Getting to space is about to be outsourced. The Obama administration on Monday will propose in its new budget spending billions of dollars to encourage private companies to build, launch and operate spacecraft for NASA and others. Uncle Sam would buy its astronauts a ride into space just like hopping in a taxi."

The End of an Era? Brian Williams, MSNBC

"During the State of the Union, I turned to David Gregory and Andrea Mitchell and blurted out the obvious: I could never be president. The specific reason I gave was that I'd bankrupt the nation by re-starting an all-out push into space - back to the moon, to Mars and beyond."

Texas lawmakers balk at cutting manned spaceflight, Dallas Morning News

"Everyone in Washington wants fiscal restraint these days - except when it comes to their priorities. Case in point: NASA. Texas lawmakers in both parties are girding for battle with the Obama administration over the future of human spaceflight. Many of the same lawmakers routinely accuse the president of sending deficits into the stratosphere."

The Future of NASA: Space Policy Issues Facing Congress, Congressional Research Service (PDF)

"Summary of Major Issues for Congress

- Is there a national consensus for human exploration beyond Earth orbit, despite the inherent risks and the substantial cost?

- If so, what destination or destinations should NASA's human exploration program explore? Should the Moon remain the target, as under current plans? Should there be a graduated sequence of targets as in the Augustine committee's "flexible path" option?

- If human exploration beyond Earth orbit is too costly or too dangerous, should NASA focus its efforts on human missions in Earth orbit, robotic exploration, technology development, other activities such as science and aeronautics, or some combination of these?

- Should the space shuttle program be terminated at the end of 2010 (or in early 2011) as currently planned? If so, how should the transition of the shuttle workforce and facilities be managed? If the shuttle program is to be extended, what actions are needed to ensure the safety of its crews after 2010, and what impact will its continuing cost have on the availability of funds for other NASA programs?



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