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NASA Internal Memo: National Space Council UAG Update from Chair, ADM Jim Ellis, UAG

"As you can see from the Transition Summary, activities of the UAG encompassed a broad range of space and space-related activities, bringing together broad representation from associations, manufacturers, educators, national security experts, and policy makers. Some of our efforts were directed at issues in direct support of NSpC activities; others were self-generated and represented original concepts, observations, findings, or recommendations drawn from the extensive backgrounds of our membership. Our composition has also evolved to appropriately include scientific and regional economic insights, as well. Our diverse representation has been our key strength since it has enabled discussion across many disciplines. ... Even as we await more clarity on what future role we might play, please remember that, in ways large and small, each of you has had a role in supporting the efforts of the National Space Council as it dealt with the challenges and opportunities of defining the future of the nation's space enterprise. Thank you."

Keith's note: Yet according to James Miller at NASA the NSpC and UAG are still alive and active with all of their Trump nominated members:

"At this time the NSpC is staffed by two persons at the Executive Offices of the President (EOP). We are working to reschedule a planned meeting with them to update them on our UAG Subcommittee activities and, in turn, receive any administrative guidance they can provide. In the meantime, our UAG executive Committee (ExCom) has continued to meet on a regular basis and several Subcommittees, most notably the Education and Outreach Subcommittee, have also continued meeting or are planning to do so. Your participation in those sessions will, of course, be key to their continuing success. In summary, as both the UAG and the NSpC we advise are still active organizations, it seems appropriate that we continue to work to identify areas where we can contribute, even as we await any potential organizational changes."

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