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White House and Agencies Focus on Space Weather Concerns, EOS

"[Tamara Dickinson, a senior policy analyst with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)] said that there has been an increased awareness about space weather in the White House and that President Barack Obama recently has requested briefing memos on the topic. She highlighted several efforts the administration is taking related to space weather, including a forthcoming national Earth observation strategy, which could be released in July and will include an assessment of space weather. She explained that the strategy document will be part of the fiscal year 2014 presidential budget request and that it will be updated every 3 years."

Keith's note: Given our civilization's ever-expanding reliance upon space-based assets, a sprawling terrestrial power and communications grid, and plans for human travel in (and beyond) low Earth orbit, this makes a lot of sense and is long over due.

You can track news and space weather reports on Twitter at @spaceweather

Obama to meet with John Glenn today, Orlando Sentinel

"President Barack Obama plans to meet with former astronaut and senator John Glenn this afternoon to discuss the administration's new plan for NASA. White House officials did not reveal specifics of the meeting, although Glenn recently wrote a letter that supported more space shuttle flights and the development of a new heavy-lift rocket that could blast future astronauts beyond low-Earth orbit."

Statement of Senator John Glenn (ret.) Regarding NASA Manned Space Flight, earlier post

"These are critical days for the future of Manned Space Flight. Conflicting views and advice come to the President and Congress from every quarter in the aerospace and science communities. There is good reason for the concern. The U.S. for the first time since the beginning of the Space Age will have no way to launch anyone into space - starting next January."

hsf-poll.jpg Marc's note: We asked: Which of the three paths presented by the Review of U.S. Human Spaceflight Plans Committee do you prefer? Well, we had 2566 votes and talk about a split poll. The difference between Moon First and Flexible Path was a slim 28 votes. Considering our audience demographics I'm not that surprised. Now it's up to the White House to let us know what's ahead for NASA.



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