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"NASA appreciates the thoughtful responses and questions submitted during the early phase of this RFI. It is important to keep in mind the purpose of this RFI, to gather ideas on what alternative management models might be feasible for NASA's field centers. There is not just one way to organize ourselves to accomplish the exploration strategy, hence we are gathering and studying multiple ideas. We have answered the questions we believe to be within the scope of this RFI, listed those we believe to be beyond the scope of this RFI, and in a few cases, provided alternate sources of additional information. We look forward to your creative and thoughtful ideas."

Read the responses: Responses to NASA Special Notice: Transforming the Private Sector Role in Space Operations, NASA

Conference "Pre-solicitation Conference September 7, 2004. The initially planned date of September 1, 2004 was changed due to personnel/auditorium unavailability."

Read the pre-solicitation: NASA Special Notice: NASA Shared Services Center Presolicitation

"In addition, the Commission cited the insufficient methods for students to acquire hands-on experience in the scientific and technical disciplines necessary for space commerce and exploration. They called for an alliance between NASA and universities to create a 'virtual' space academy."

Read the notice: NASA Special Notice: Plan for prioritizing teacher training, integrating existing math, science and engineering education intiatives; and exploring options for creating a virtual space academy, NASA

"The NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) Procurement schedule has been revised to accommodate (1) a pre-solicitation conference; and (2) finalizing lease terms and conditions for the available site locations."

Read the story: NASA Shared Services Center Revised Procurement Schedule

"This is a modification to the synopsis entitled Human & Robotic Technology (H&RT) which was posted on June 29, 2004. You are notified that the following changes are made: Due to the tremendous response to NASA's BAA for H&RT and the resulting server problems, we are extending the due date time for the NOI submision to August 16th, 2004 at 12:00 PM EDT. The due date time for responses is extended. Documents related to this procurement will be available over the Internet."

Read the notice modification: Modification to a Previous NASA Presolicitation Notice: Human and Robotic Technology

"NASA hereby gives notice that Bigelow Development Aerospace Division, LLC, having offices in Las Vegas, NV, has applied for an exclusive license to practice the invention described and claimed in Patent No. 6,354,540 entitled ``Androgynous, Reconfigurable Closed Loop Feedback Controlled Low Impact Docking System With Load Sensing Electromagnetic Capture Ring,'' Case No. MSC-22931-1."

Read the notice: NASA Notice of Prospective Patent License: Bigelow Development Aerospace Division, LLC

NASA Special Notice: Transforming the Private Sector Role in Space Operations

"In NASA decisions, the preferred choice for operational activities must be competitively awarded contracts with private and non-profit organizations and NASA's role must be limited to only those areas where there is irrefutable demonstration that only government can perform the proposed activity. One step to foster these goals would be to have operational activities done to the greatest extent possible by the private sector."

NASA Special Notice: Expanded Use of NASA Contractual Authority to Obtain Ideas, Technologies, and Management Tools for Accomplishing Space Exploration

"The Commission noted that if the Vision for Space Exploration is to succeed in an affordable, credible and sustainable way, it must access as much private sector technology as possible. The Commission also stated that an increase in the number and variety of commercial companies working in the field of space would vastly increase the processes and materials available for space exploration. The Commission spoke favorably of mechanisms to encourage private sector involvement in space such as prizes, tax incentives, regulatory relief, and settlement of property rights in space."



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