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NASA JSC Solicitation Notice: Open Innovation Support Services

"NASA/Johnson Space Center (JSC) has a requirement for an Open Innovation Service Provider with an extensive external network that can be used to introduce collaboration opportunities to the public. Specifically, NASA JSC is looking for an offeror that supports a network of experts that can facilitate solutions to a vast array of issues and challenges facing the future of human health and performance in spaceflight. Challenges are of varied type and difficulty and could include technological, biological, or human modeling needs. The potential offeror will provide NASA JSC with the methodology and infrastructure to facilitate Open Innovation within the organization and for solutions to outsourced challenges or problems."

Keith's 20 Aug note: (Sigh) Typical NASAese. The JSC folks use a phrase "Open Innovation" - complete with uppercase letters as if it is the proper name of some sort of formal process or thing (like TQM, ISO 9000, etc.) - yet they never define what it is as they ask people to submit responses as to how they'd help JSC as an "Open Innovation Service Provider" and to do so "within the organization". Does "open" refer to "open" thinking within NASA - or does it refer to things being "open" to the public? And what constitutes "innovation"? Doing things differently (or better) than NASA currently does things? Doing things different (and better) than is done outside of NASA? And when all of that is cleared up, how much money is available to do this? Some times it costs more to be innovative.

Keith's update: JSC has made two contract awards: one to Innocentive, Inc. and the other to Looking at their websites they do not seem to have any experience with NASA as a client. That is not necessarily a bad thing. As to whether JSC has something in specific in mind or is on an intellectual fishing expedition only time will tell. Again, as to what "open" means well, that is still unclear. Stay tuned.

NASA JSC Contract Award: Innovation Support Services - Innocentive Inc.
NASA JSC Contract Award: Innovation Support Services - Inc.



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