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Service Module IPT Update's note: I attended the Service Module IPT yesterday (11/21/96). The following is a summary of some of the discussion.

A team of "senior NASA management" has been in Moscow to "discuss options" regarding the slip in the SM schedule. Randy Brinkley, Kieth Reilly, and Charlie Lundquist were present. They are due to come back today, and will be briefing Dan Goldin on Monday.

Five options were discussed. The Russians wanted to reopen the possibility of using the currently on-orbit MIR as the core of the ISS. Mr. Brinkley dismissed that option out of hand for several good technical and political reasons.

The Russians want to immediately and officially announce an eight month SM slip. Our management wants to delay any announcement until after Goldin's trip to Moscow in early December; and possibly wait until after Vice President Gore goes to Moscow in January.



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