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S. Korea Announces Woman as First Astronaut, NY Times

"The Russian space agency has stressed that a minor mistake and disobedience can cause serious consequences in space," Mr. Lee said at a nationally televised news conference. "So the honor of becoming South Korea's first astronaut now goes to a woman."

First Korean Astronaut Switched to Woman, Korea Times

"A 29-year-old female mechanical engineer was belatedly filled in Monday as the first South Korean in space, after Russia's space authorities dismissed Seoul's original choice on security rule violations ahead of next month's mission. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology told a news conference that Russia's Federal Space Agency asked for Ko San's replacement, as the 31-year-old repeatedly broke training protocol by taking sensitive training material outside of the Russian space center."

Growing Crowd Joining Weldon To Criticize Plan to Cede Space Leadership to Russians and Chinese

"For five years or more, the United States will be dependent on the technology of others to reach the (international space) station, which American taxpayers largely paid for. To complicate things further, the only nation now capable of flying astronauts to the space station is Russia, giving it a strong bargaining position to decide what it wants to charge for the flights at a time when U.S. - Russian relations are becoming increasing testy," the story says. "Given Russia's recent track record, it is also likely that Russia will use this advantage to extort geopolitical concessions from the United States government; concessions that will remain hidden from public view."

NASA Wary of Relying on Russia, Washington Post

"Griffin has testified that while the waiver is essential, it is "unseemly, simply unseemly, for the United States -- the world's leading power and leading space power -- to be reduced to purchasing services like this. It affects, in my view, how we are seen in the world, and not for the better." NASA's budget calls for spending $2.6 billion for transportation to the space station between fiscal 2009 and 2013. As it stands now, much of that would go to the Russians."



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