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Kazakhstan bans foreigners from Baikonur, other areas, Novosti

"The Kazakh government issued a decree on Friday banning foreigners from visiting four areas of the country, including the city of Baikonur, which services the eponymous space center. Baikonur, the town of Gvardeysk near the former capital, Almaty, and two regions in the Kyzylorda province have been closed to foreigners until 2015."

Editor's note: Gee, that is certainly going to make it rather difficult non-residents of Kazakhstan to ride Soyuz spacecraft to the ISS - or return home, isn't it? The "Gap" just became a void.

NASA Extends Contract with Russian Federal Space Agency

"NASA has signed a $141 million modification to the current International Space Station contract with the Russian Federal Space Agency for crew transportation services planned through the spring of 2012. The firm-fixed price extension covers comprehensive Soyuz support, including all necessary training and preparation for launch, crew rescue, and landing of a long-duration mission for three station crew members. The crew members will launch on two Soyuz vehicles in the fall of 2011."

Editor's note: That's $47 million per crew member flown up and down. That is much more than the $30 million that Richard Garriott paid for his flight and all of the ancillary training and support services that went with it. I wonder what SpaceX would charge? The Transition Team seems to be interested as well.



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