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Russia says U.S. shuttle delays create a burden, Reuters

"A senior Russian space official said delays in U.S. shuttle launches to the International Space Station (ISS) meant extra work for Russian rocket crews without any financial compensation, RIA news agency reported. Russia and the United States are the main contributors to the 16-nation $100 billion ISS project, but Russia has borne the brunt of sending crews and cargo there since the U.S. Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated in 2003, killing seven astronauts. "We are most concerned by the unpredictability of shuttle launches," RIA quoted Russian mission control flight coordinator Valdimir Solovyov as saying."

Keith's note: This is hilarious coming from Russia. Remember the fuss they caused for the U.S. when the Service Moduel was delayed again and again i.e. their "unpredictability"? Once again the U.S. is financing a large chunk of Russia's space program and they complain about when the checks arrive.



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