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Russian space officials fired over satellite crash, Reuters

"The GLONASS satellites, intended for Russia's rival to the American GPS system, a project dear to the Kremlin, were lost because the Proton M rocket carrying them into orbit was loaded with too much fuel, a investigating commission found."

Russia's first GLONASS phone an 'iPhone 4 competitor,' except not really (video), Engadget

"As the story goes, Russia-based AFK Sistema's subsidiary Sitronics (along with US' Qualcomm and China's ZTE) have developed the first smartphone to use GLONASS -- specifically one with a 90nm GPS-GLONASS chip. It's been called, in so many words, the "Russian answer to the iPhone 4" by the Powers That Be ..."

Keith's note: Watch the video. Looks like Putin et al really want one of these iPhoneskis. Look how he fondles it. Small wonder the guys in the Kremlin were so mad when that Proton sent 3 GLONASS satellites into the ocean ...



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