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NASA OIG: NASA's Efforts to Mitigate the Risks Posed by Orbital Debris, OIG

"Despite presidential and congressional directives to NASA over the past decade to develop active debris removal technologies, the Agency has made little to no progress on such efforts. Moreover, debris removal technologies from international agencies and commercial entities are in the early stages of development and testing. ... We found that NASA models of the orbital debris environment lack sufficient data, putting the Agency at risk of under- or over-protecting spacecraft from debris."

NASA's Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel Releases 2020 Annual Report

"... We believe that NASA must make some strategically critical decisions, based on deliberate and thorough consideration, that are necessary because of their momentous consequences for the future of human space exploration and, in particular, for the management of the attendant risks. These decisions involve:

• What role NASA intends to perform going forward and why.
• How the Agency will interact with both commercial and international partners.
• How the Agency will address shared risks.
• What management practices will be employed.
• How the expectations will be communicated to their partners and to their workforce.
• How effective Systems Engineering and Integration will be accomplished.
• What the NASA workforce of the future should look like and how it will be achieved.



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