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Image of Shuttle Debris

20 September 2004: NASA Image of Space Shuttle Columbia Debris Recently Found, SpaceRef

"A piece of Space Shuttle Columbia, now identified as being Window No. 8 was recently found in Angelina County, Texas.Window No. 8 is one of two windows located on the top of the shuttle, directly over the crew. Last week NASA and United Space Alliance personnel - and technichians from Weston Pyrotechnic - reviewed what pyrotechnic devices may still be intact."

17 September 2004: NASA Space Shuttle Processing Status Report

"Processing activities associated with orbiter Thermal Protection System (TPS) tiles are scheduled to begin Monday. Following the move of the second floor TPS blanket area to a hangar at the Shuttle Landing Facility (offered by the Florida Space Authority), TPS blanket production could begin as early as Sept. 27."

17 September 2004: Foam, not shuttle repairs on the go, key flight issue, Florida Today

"Engineers are making progress on techniques that will enable astronauts to repair small cracks and holes up to four inches in diameter. But the agency says it will be unable to fix larger holes by the time shuttles return to flight."

17 September 2004: Storms disrupt NASA work, AP

"Hurricanes Charley, Frances and Ivan have cost NASA at least a week's worth of work and upset its tight schedule for resuming shuttle flights, throwing into doubt the space agency's plans to launch Discovery in early spring."

"Full Committee hearing scheduled for Wednesday, September 8, at 10 a.m. in room 253 of the Russell Senate Office Building. Members will hear testimony examining the status of NASAs space shuttle program and NASA's efforts to implement the recommendations of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board. Senator McCain will preside."

8 September 2004: Testimony of Sean O'Keefe
8 September 2004: Testimony of Thomas P. Stafford

Editor's note: NASA's Office of Legislative Affairs seems to have been unaware that this hearing was happening. The last time they updated their website of 'upcoming hearings' was 27 July 2004. This hearing is not mentioned - nor is Sean O'Keefe's testimony posted as of 3:00 pm EDT.

8 September 2004: NASA: Fixing Shuttle Fleet Could Top $2B , AP

"NASA (news - web sites) administrator Sean O'Keefe said Wednesday the cost of fixing all the problems with the space shuttle fleet could top $2.2 billion double the estimated price tag given to Congress a year ago."

6 September 2004: Preliminary Hurricane Damage Assessement from NASA Kennedy Space Center, SpaceRef

"NASA Kennedy Space Center Director Jim Kennedy held a teleconference with the news media this afternoon and provided a preliminary picture of the damage Hurricane Frances inflicted upon the space center. The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) has the most visible damage. According to Kennedy the damage can be seen on the South and East walls of the VAB. There are some 1,000 panels that have lifted off of the building. There are also areas of insulation and subpanels missing. Each panel is 4x10 feet in size. The Shuttle Tile Facility suffered significant damage. The roof is partially gone and there is extensive water damage inside."

6 September 2004: NASA KSC Media Tour Scheduled, NASA HQ
6 September 2004: NASA Assesses Hurricane Frances Damage, NASA HQ



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