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Replace the Shuttle

30 December 2004: Astronaut says speed up plans for new craft, Huntsville Times

"The shuttle was designed almost 35 years ago, and it has been operated for almost a quarter of a century," Garriott said. "By the time of NASA's new plans to explore the moon it would be closer to 50 years of age. We need a replacement if (NASA) expects to succeed with its plans" to return to the moon and possibly go on to Mars."

Returning the space shuttle to flight, Spaceflight Now

"This 10-part, 11,600-word report is focused on details about Discovery's mission and safety upgrades to improve ascent damage detection and potential repair options. It was current as of December 17. It does not address management changes or other related topics ordered in the wake of the Columbia mishap. Those issues will be covered in subsequent stories."

15 December 2004: Editor's note: NASA has announced plans to cancel three Space Shuttle Upgrades projects - Cockpit Avionics Upgrade, Vehicle Health Monitoring System and the Advanced Health Management System. Internal memos from Boeing and USA address the issue of job changes and transfers.

NASA Moves Closer to RTF

7 December 2004: NASA Says Shuttle Is On Track for May Flight, Washington Post

"Space Shuttle Program Manager Bill Parsons said, however, that having a fully tested and certified repair method "is not a requirement" for the first flight. "Right now I believe we would fly with whatever capability we have at that time," he said."

7 December 2004: NASA Seeks Methods to Repair Shuttles in Flight, Reuters

"We are going to fly when we determine the vehicle is ready to fly," [Wayne] Hale said. "We're not going to succumb to some kind of emotional schedule pressure because we picked a date and ringed it on a calendar and we think our reputation depends on launching on that date."

Fire in the VAB

2 December 2004: Small Fire Extinguished inside NASA KSC Vehicle Assembly Building, NASA KSC

2 December 2004: Fire breaks out at Vehicle Assembly Building, Florida Today

"A fire erupted this afternoon inside the Kennedy Space Center's Vehicle Assembly Building, where the first of two solid rocket boosters are being assembled for the return to flight of the space shuttles next year."



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