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RTF Issues Report

Third Interim Report - NASA Return to Flight Task Group - January 28, 2005

"NASA has not interpreted the CAIB recommendations to be a checklist, but rather has in many cases undertaken activities that far exceeded the intent of CAIB. In other instances, technological and other barriers have thus far prevented the kind of progress CAIB had hoped for, and NASA has striven for. Taken together, the RTF TG believes it is entirely possible NASA will be able to make sufficient progress on the CAIB recommendations before their current launch date. Several activities will nonetheless be incomplete, and several issues raised by the CAIB, such as scheduling and resources, are timeless."

VAB Fire

Fire Extinguished inside Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA KSC

"At approximately 2 p.m. [yesterday], emergency fire fighting crews responded to a fire on the low bay roof in the Vehicle Assembly Building that sent smoke into the electrical duct area of D tower in the Launch Complex 39 area. There were no injuries and no damage to space flight hardware."

Endeavour Maintenance Slips

Editor's note: According to NASA sources, tomorrow (13 Jan) the PRCB will be told that OV-105 (Endeavour) maintenance will not be completed in time to support the STS-117 launch. A schedule slip of approximately 4 months will be identified. KSC has adjusted its resources to support preparation of OV-103 (Discovery) and OV-104 (Atlantis) for flight and is going to go a 24/7 schedule to support the STS-114/STS-300 Rescue missions and STS-121.In addition, charts will be presented at the PRCB suggesting a waiver of the 3 year period between major maintenance overhauls for OV-104 so as to allow more flights to compensate for the lack of a flight-ready OV-105.

NASA Presolicitation Notice: Return to Flight Snoopy Figurines

"NASA/JSC has a requirement for 350 three (3) dimensional 5" Pewter Return to Flight Snoopy figurines with a base to engrave shipped in a special box for Return to Flight to be delivered to National Aeronautical Space Administration (NASA) Johnson Space Center(JSC) no later than May 1, 2005."

Editor's note: "National Aeronautical Space Administration (NASA)"? How about "National Aeronautics and Space Administration". You'd think people at NASA would know the name of their agency by now.



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