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Editor's note: the senders and recipients have been deleted from this email exchange.

Comment from familiar with this topic with regard to this email exchange: "we are 12 weeks or so from launch and we still do not know how we'll conduct these surveys on-orbit."

Shuttle Preparation Tidbits

- STS-116: The Compability Review will be held on 22 February.
- STS-117: Manifesting of FDRD will slip by 2 weeks to 31 March, but the Compatibility and Cargo Integration Reviews will only slip by1 week.
- STS-118: There are some problems with ESP-3:the Interface Control Document normally takes7 months totranslate payloadrequirementsinto orbiter interfaces to support payload requirements. An attempt will be made to try to do it in 5 months.

RTF Roadblocks?

Critics Question NASA on Safety of the Shuttles, NY Times

"The documents were provided by workers at NASA who refused to be quoted by name, saying they feared retribution. A copy of a July 15 PowerPoint presentation by a team working through the tile issues described numerous problems with the putty, which is made of two compounds taken to space and blended by the "goo gun" before application."



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