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Parsing shuttle launch dates, Orlando Sentinel

"One of the great riddles of recent months is: When will the space shuttle launch again? As usual, the short answer is: Nobody knows." ... "Presentations made last Thursday at the space shuttles Program Requirements Control Board show just how tight the schedule is. Internal NASA documents with the processing schedules are reproduced below."

To the space community: "I have recently learned that a London newspaper, The Guardian, ran an article which attributed this quote to me, "The space shuttle is a deathtrap." I suspect the article was a result of the recent media interviews surrounding the release of my new book, "Riding Rockets, The Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut". Please know that I have never interviewed with anybody from that paper and have never said those words.

7 myths about the Challenger shuttle disaster, MSNBC

"The flight, and the lost crewmembers, deserve proper recognition and authentic commemoration. Historians, reporters, and every citizen need to take the time this week to remember what really happened, and especially to make sure their memories are as close as humanly possible to what really did happen."

No Way To Bail Out

Challenger's lessons prove elusive, opinion by Mike Mullane, USA Today

"The shuttle remains the only manned spacecraft ever to fly without a means for the crew to "bail out" in powered flight. Having flown three times on one, I can assure you that the lack of an escape system is foremost on the minds of every astronaut who straps into a shuttle cockpit. A catastrophic launch failure means certain death."

Internal Lockheed Martin Memo From Marshall Byrd To Michoud Employees Regarding Shuttle External Tank Contract Changes

"... last week, we received direction to accomplish the work necessary to reduce our existing contract deliveries from 35 External Tanks to a total of 18. As a result of this direction, we have begun the process of terminating the contracts of suppliers who have already provided sufficient materials to support the production of 18 Sixth Buy tanks."

Richard Covey Named Chief Operating Officer of United Space Alliance

"We are pleased to announce that veteran Shuttle astronaut and space industry executive Richard O. "Dick" Covey has been named to replace Brewster Shaw as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Brewster has returned to Boeing as Vice President and General Manager of Boeing NASA Systems."

NASA Set Approves New Unpressurized Logistics Carrier for Space Shuttle Fleet, SpaceRef

Editor's note: The enclosed CR pitch was presented for Full/Final implementation on 12 October 2005 at JSC. In so doing, NASA approved development of 5 new unpressurized payload carriers for the Space Shuttle fleet to be develoepd at GSFC at a total cost of $120 million. What I still don't understand is why this new system is needed - one which won't enter service until 2007 - only to become useless when the shuttle fleet stops flying in 2010. Given the ever shrinking number of remaining shuttle flights, will all of these payload carriers ever even fly?

New Accessories for a Retiring Shuttle Fleet, 12 October 2005



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