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NASA Shuttle Plans Released

NASA wants to try 3 shuttle flights this year, Orlando Sentinel

"NASA plans to launch three space shuttle flights in 2006 if engineers can solve the ongoing problem of dangerous debris falling from the ship's external fuel tank during liftoff. Shuttle managers plan to meet Thursday to discuss target launch dates of May 10, Aug. 28 and Nov. 16. Before the first mission flies, however, they must convince themselves that six changes made to the 15-story tank since Discovery's liftoff last July are safe."

NASA Flight Assignment Working Group (FAWG) Space Shuttle Planning Manifest 24 Feb 2006

Editor's note: NASA has published its latest update to its internal long range planning forecast for the remaining flights of America's Space Shuttle fleet - the last of which is STS-133 which is planned for launch in 2009.

Atlantis' last flight is shown as being in 2008.

Reader note: "The FAWG Shuttle schedule that you posted is way out of date. For example the earliest STS-115 launch date is August 28th and OV-105 will not fly until the Spring since the TPS workers were used on OV-103 and OV-104. The PRCB this Thursday is scheduled to discuss the next few launch dates."

Shuttle Update

Uncertainties cloud shuttle schedule, MSNBC

"For now, NASA's top shuttle managers are holding firm to a schedule that would launch the shuttle Discovery on its second "return to flight" test mission as early as May 10. However, several senior NASA officials have told NBC News privately that launching in May was at best an iffy proposition."

NASA Ships External Fuel Tank for Next Space Shuttle Mission

"In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans, workers at the nearby NASA Michoud Assembly Facility persevered through their own personal hardships to deliver a newly designed external fuel tank for the space shuttle."

Space shuttle Atlantis likely to retire first, Orlando Sentinel

"Program manager Wayne Hale told an "all-hands" meeting at Kennedy Space Center on Friday that instead of putting Atlantis through a major overhaul scheduled for 2008, it might make more sense to stop flying the ship. Instead, it could be used to provide parts for Discovery and Endeavour."

NASA and White House Discuss Early Shuttle Fleet Retirement, SpaceRef (July 2005)

"NASA is considering retiring a Space Shuttle orbiter in 2007 and beginning modifications to one Shuttle launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center under a plan now being reviewed at NASA headquarters, according to senior agency sources."



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