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Accepting Risk

NASA approves Hubble repair, Nature

"If the shuttle were damaged on assent by falling foam or other debris, then mission planners would have a maximum of three weeks to get a second shuttle into orbit a relatively short period of time. ... It's the sort of mission that the agency would never have bothered planning before the 2003 accident, but in the wake of the disaster, [Keith] Cowing says, such contingency work has become almost routine: "NASA has come a great distance in accepting the real risk of what they are doing," he says."

ISS Assembly Sequence Slip

NASA May Delay Some Shuttle Launches, AP

"NASA will likely delay by as much as a month some space shuttle launches scheduled for next year because of a backlog in processing the shuttles' external fuel tanks, an agency spokesman said Monday."

NASA Advisory Council Meeting Notes, SpaceRef

"A back-up chart notes: "Presidential direction to meet Assembly Complete and retire Shuttle by September 2010. 18 remaining Shuttle flights (including ULF1.1). ULF4 & ULF5 are "contingency" flights. Must complete ISS Assembly and launch sustaining H/W to support ISS functionality through 2015. ULF5 is July 2010 (using Current FAWG manifest). Provides only 2 months for slips at the end of the sequence"

Editor's note: During its mission last month a piece of orbital debris struck space shuttle Atantis.

The debris aka Micrometeoroid Orbital Debris (MMOD) impacted Atlantis' right hand payload bay door radiator and left a hole .1 inch in diameter.




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