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Statement of William Gerstenmaier: Senate Hearing: Transitioning to a Next Generation Human Space Flight System

"Full funding of NASAs FY 2008 budget request is critical to ensuring the gap between retirement of the Space Shuttle and Americas new human spaceflight capability does not grow longer. If the gap in our human spaceflight capability extends even further than already planned, I believe our Nation may be ceding leadership in human spaceflight at a time when other nations are outlining ambitious programs of their own."

Statement of Allen Li, GAO
Statement of Ron Dittemore, ATK
Statement of John Karas, Lockheed Martin
Statement of Johnny Walker, IAM&AW
Statement of Michael McCulley, USA

The Big Picture

NASA Multi-Program Integrated Milestones Revised 27 March 2007

This document contains an integrated snapshot of Space Shuttle, Soyuz, Progress, ATV, HTV, COTS (RpK and SpaceX), Ares 1, and Orion flights between 2007 and 2015.

This document also shows key milestones for the development of Orion and Ares 1 systems as ISS completion and staffing.

Space shuttle launch likely delayed until May, Reuters

"Repairing damage to a space-shuttle fuel tank from a freak hailstorm probably will push the next launch of Atlantis from April to mid-May, NASA planning documents show. Managers were meeting on Wednesday to assess the repair plan and set a new target launch date for Atlantis, which is scheduled to fly to the International Space Station to deliver and install a third set of solar arrays."



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