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NASA Supplier Base: Challenges Exist in Transitioning from the Space Shuttle Program to the Next Generation of Human Space Flight Systems, GAO

"GAO is recommending that the NASA Administrator direct the Exploration Systems Mission and Space Operations Mission directorates to jointly develop cost estimates for transition and retirement activities beyond fiscal year 2010 so that NASA can include the funding needs for the required out-years in its fiscal year 2009 budget submission to ensure that Congress and NASA can balance investments and negotiate between competing priorities, including supplier needs. NASA concurred with this recommendation."

Video report of Atlantis visit to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky

Reader note: "The narrator did not seem to realize for whom "Rick Husband Airport" in Amarillo is named."

Space Shuttle Atlantis Lands At Fort Campbell, News Channel 5

Reader note: "The shuttle ferry landed at Ft. Campbell Army base today, since the weather is bad at KSC. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, and Ft Campbell TN/KY is about an hour and a half drive. As soon as I heard that the shuttle ferry landed at Ft. Campbell this morning, I took off early from work and drove to the base. You would not believe the crowds. It took me three hours to get on the base to have a chance to see Atlantis. There were tons of kids with there parents. The kids, and the grownups too, were in awe at the sight of Atlantis. What better PR for NASA! A lot more exciting than some of PAO's attempts to woo the public for sure."



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