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NASA tentatively plans Feb. 7 launch for Atlantis -- if repairs pan out, Orlando Sentinel

"NASA on Thursday set a tentative launch date of Feb. 7 for Atlantis' long-awaited mission to deliver a European laboratory module to the international space station. The delay -- almost exactly two months after the originally scheduled Dec. 6 launch -- gives NASA extra time to fix faulty fuel-cutoff sensors in Atlantis' giant orange external fuel tank."

Shuttle delays endanger space station, USA Today

"Like many home-improvement projects on Earth, NASA's most ambitious building effort in space languishes half-done. Now new delays, combined with the space shuttle's looming retirement, are raising worries about whether it can be finished at all."

Editor's note: What a bad choice of words for a headline. A headline contains the words you first see and is supposed to represent the gist of an article. In this case the headline is misleading - to say the least. There is no "danger" (i.e. as being "endangered") to the space station if this mission is delayed. The crew are quite safe. Nor is the station "endangered" if a number of shuttle flights with space station parts never get launched. No one is going to cancel it. The space station will stay in orbit and work just fine - without being "endangered" - with whatever parts are launched - just as it is doing right now.

Shuttle Battles In Space

. . .And Races Into Space, The Wall Street Journal Asia

"At a minimum, Washington should delay the planned 2010 retirement of the Space Shuttle until a new space plane can replace it, as a way to retain a deterring potential military capability. China's unwillingness to comment on its military space plans, coupled with the Shenlong space plane, confirms its larger aversion to military transparency. The U.S. and its allies have little choice but to develop the capabilities to defend their interests and assets in space."

STS-122 Update

NASA Announces Teleconference About Next Shuttle Mission

"NASA will host a media teleconference with Space Shuttle Program Manager Wayne Hale at 5 p.m. EST, Thursday, Jan. 3, to discuss the status of ongoing work to prepare shuttle Atlantis for its launch to the International Space Station."

Editor's note: John Shannon said that today's PRCB looked at possible launch dates. Went over mods to feed through connector. Connector sent to MSFC for testing. Sensor ready for cryostat testing unit. Hope to replicate December launch attempt and tanking test. That should take 2 weeks starting next Monday. Reviewed mod to external plug. Will solder pins on feed through connector. This should solve problems based on Atlas Centaur experience by inhibiting movement inside of connector. Expect new connectors installed on ET 125 before next wednesday. If we learn something new through testing then that will need to be tested.

Work to reinstall foam and ablator - will take until 27 Jan. Need to see how long foam needs to cure until 2-7 Feb. 24 Jan is the earliest launch day that Shannon needs to proctect. As we go through next week we will see what we need to do. No way can we go an earlier than 24 Jan. "It is a stretch that we'd make the 24th. The weather would have to cooperate and we'd have to have no testing glitches. It is more likely that we'd be ready to go in the 2-7 Feb time frame ... We really did not pick a launch date today."



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