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Space Shuttle Interior, Panoscan

"These images were captured last in September 2001 for training purposes. The images were captured inside the high fidelity training mock up at the Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas. This mock up features the later "glass" cockpit design that was used in the Columbia. To view these images you will need QuickTime 7."

Endeavour Is Home

Space Shuttle Endeavour Lands at Kennedy Space Center

"With Commander Dominic Gorie and Pilot Gregory H. Johnson at the controls, space shuttle Endeavour glided to a picture perfect landing at Kennedy Space Center, Fla. The STS-123 crew began its mission March 11 and arrived at the International Space Station March 12. The astronauts delivered the Japanese Logistics Module - Pressurized Section (JLP), the first pressurized component of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Kibo laboratory to the station. The crew of Endeavour also delivered the final element of the station's Mobile Servicing System, the Canadian-built Dextre, also known as the Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator."

Editor's note: It would seem this image (S123E00737B) of a specially outfitted Kermit the Frog aboard the ISS appeared - and then disappeared - from the NASA Human Spaceflight website. Larger image.

What gives? Does NASA PAO have something against frogs?

NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour to Land Wednesday

"The space shuttle Endeavour crew is expected to complete its 16-day flight to the International Space Station with a landing at NASA's Kennedy Space Center on Wednesday, March 26. The STS-123 mission began March 11 and delivered the first segment of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Kibo laboratory and the Canadian Space Agency's two-armed robotic system, known as Dextre. The flight also brought a new crew member to the station and will return an astronaut who has spent nearly seven weeks aboard the complex."

NASA STS-123 Execute Package FD07

"We've been thinking hard about wear and tear on EMU gloves, and you'll be glad to know we have a prototype solution in the works. It's called the Mmod Resistant Handling Aid for Normal Dexterity (MR HAND). Here is one of our technicians modeling MR HAND."

iPod sighted Inside Space Shuttle Endeavour by Someone Inside the International Space Station

"If you look into the window of Space Shuttle Endeavour, as viewed in this photograph taken yesterday from inside the International Space Station, you will see that someone left their iPod on near the co-pilot's window. This is not the first time that an iPod has been photographed in space, but it is the first time that one has been photographed inside one space vehicle - by someone inside another space vehicle."

Endeavour Docks With ISS

Space Shuttle Endeavour Docks Successfully to the International Space Station

"Space shuttle Endeavour docked successfully to the International Space Station at 11:49 p.m. EDT. About an hour before docking, STS-123 Commander Dominic Gorie and Pilot Gregory H. Johnson guided the shuttle through a back-flip maneuver, giving the Expedition 16 crew the opportunity to take pictures of the orbiter's protective heat-resistant tiles. These photos will be sent to engineers on Earth for analysis."

Additional ISS and Shuttle news

Editor's note: Check out Matt Reyes' STS-123 launch video at the OnOrbit STS-123 Video channel (below). Make certain to pump up the volume once the shuttle clears the pad.

Foam Strike?

Shuttle prepares to deliver Japanese lab to space station, LA Times via Boston Globe

"NASA safety officials were reviewing video and photographs of the launch, but it appeared there was only one significant incident of insulating foam coming off the giant fuel tank that the shuttle is strapped to like a bull-rider. The chunk of foam came off at about 83 seconds into the launch, when atmospheric forces are near their maximum. Any foam coming off the tank then would be accelerated to potentially damaging speeds."

NASA STS-123 Report #01 Tuesday, March 11, 2008 3:00 a.m. CDT

"Space shuttle Endeavour delivered an early sunrise to the Florida coast this morning, lifting off at 1:28 a.m. CDT from the Kennedy Space Center to begin a 16-day mission to the International Space Station. Aboard the shuttle are Commander Dominic Gorie, Pilot Gregory H. Johnson and Mission Specialists Robert Behnken, Mike Foreman, Rick Linnehan, Garrett Reisman and Takao Doi, a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut."

NASA Launch Blog

More Shuttle and ISS news

NASA FOIA Images: Mitt Romney Tours SSPF-Pad 39A at KSC on 21 January 2008

NASA caption: "Images taken of the Mitt Romney tour at KSC are not, in any way, intended to reflect the endorsement of any candidate by NASA. These images were taken during a tour that is typically provided to other VIP's. NASA has not authorized the use of these images for campaign purposes and has obtained a commitment from the Romney campaign NOT to use these images for campaign purposes. These images are being released in response to FOIA requests."

Editor's note: Click to enlarge image. Isn't it a little odd that most people who are seen in this location are required to wear bunny suits and caps - and yet politicians and their spouses are not? [see comments below as KSC folks correct my assumptions regarding bunny suits - but not about the special access granted to Romney]. Let's see how NASA answers my FOIA request as to what constitutes a "VIP" and what the process is for evaluating and approving (or denying) requests for these personal tours and photo ops - conducted at taxpayer expense.

Kerry Blows Opportunity at KSC, 2004 post

Comments? Send them to Your comments thus far:

NASA Wary of Relying on Russia, Washington Post

"Griffin has testified that while the waiver is essential, it is "unseemly, simply unseemly, for the United States -- the world's leading power and leading space power -- to be reduced to purchasing services like this. It affects, in my view, how we are seen in the world, and not for the better." NASA's budget calls for spending $2.6 billion for transportation to the space station between fiscal 2009 and 2013. As it stands now, much of that would go to the Russians."



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