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Texans in Congress try to boost NASA budget, Houston Chronicle

"In the Senate, Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, a member of the powerful Appropriations Committee, said she was asking colleagues to add at least $1 billion to the NASA budget. Hutchison said she wants to add one more shuttle flight in order to ferry the $1.5 billion Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to the international space station to study the energy-producing possibilities of cosmic rays. "We're not giving NASA the priority it should have," said Hutchison, a member of the Senate Republican leadership. "It should remain the premier agency for innovation and research."

Yanks Plan First Pitch from Space, NY Post

"The Yankees today announced that NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman will throw out the ceremonial first pitch from the International Space Station prior to Wednesday's game vs. the Boston Red Sox. It will be the first ceremonial first pitch ever thrown from space in Yankee Stadium history."

Editor's note: This is not exactly the first time that this sort of thing has happened in space...

STS-73: "Crew took time out from Spacelab work to tape ceremonial first pitch for Game Five of baseball World Series, marking first time the thrower was not actually in the ballpark for the pitch."

Image: "STS073-E-5135 (26 October 1995) --- Baseball caps from the two 1995 World Series representative franchises float near the cabin windows of the Earth-orbiting Space Shuttle Columbia, with the Earth in the background."

Image: "STS073-E-5137 (26 October 1995) --- Baseballs from the American and National Leagues float near the cabin windows of the Earth-orbiting Space Shuttle Columbia, with Earth in the background."

Hill Concerned With NASA Workforce Projection, Aviation Week

"Sobering new NASA estimates that cancellation of the space shuttle in 2010 could cost up to 9,000 aerospace contractor jobs nationwide -- 6,400 of them here at KSC -- are refocusing Congressional pressure on the White House for additional funds to accelerate development of the Ares/Orion shuttle replacement vehicles."

Reader note: "For those of us NASA folks who will never see this, this is really cool. I'm looking at these pictures from two views - technology and job loss."

Today's Video: The Twang "When the main engines start, something interesting (and dynamic) happens to the shuttle bends." (video below)

Mikulski Renews Pledge to Increase NASAs Budget, Fight for $1 Billion Repayment for Columbia Costs

"The 2009 CJS spending bill is Senator Mikulski's third attempt to gain approval of her $1 billion NASA amendment. In 1987, Congress allocated $2.7 billion in the aftermath of the Challenger tragedy to pay for a replacement shuttle. In the aftermath of the Columbia tragedy, however, NASA was not given any additional funding to repair the remaining shuttles. The amendment will pay back the costs of returning the Shuttle to flight and restore cuts to science, aeronautics and exploration programs that were cut in order to pay for the return to flight."

Our position: With end of shuttle program, Space Coast needs aggressive new plan, editorial, Orlando Sentinel

"It's been clear for some time that Florida's Space Coast would lose a lot of good jobs when NASA retires the space shuttle. But that didn't take away the sting of this week's report from the space agency showing how bad the losses would be."

Editor's note: Waiting until the last minute to act on this wasn't the smartest move on Florida's part - when options are limited. It's not like this has been a secret for the past 4 years and that there was any outcome other than massive job loss - no matter how small the gap between Shuttle and Orion was.

NASA Shuttle to Constellation Workforce Transition Strategy Report

"Background: NASA's workforce surveys have indicated that communication is the key to managing the workforce during transition. NASA and its prime contractors are engaged in a robust communications effort at all levels to ensure that the workforce is kept informed of current programs and future plans. The Agency is utilizing many tools and media options to make this possible, and the effectiveness of these tools is continually evaluated in both surveys and by monitoring various media metrics."

2007 NASA Culture Survey Report, Page 4

1b. I receive timely communication from my Center's senior management. 55 44 55 45 53 44 66 59 54 55 65

1c. I receive timely communications from the Agency's senior management. 42 32 31 37 36 40 49 49 34 46 60

Weldon Amendment Forces NASA to Reveal Massive Layoffs

"In today's "Workforce Transition Strategy Initial Report," NASA estimated that there will be at least 6,400 jobs eliminated between FY 08 and FY 2011 at Kennedy Space Center alone. Of those 6,400 layoffs, NASA forecasted that 4,800 will come all in one year - 2011. These numbers could grow if problems arise with the Constellation program due to technological or funding issues."

NASA News Conference With Mike Griffin: Exploration Systems Architecture Study (Transcript), 19 September 2005

"GRIFFIN ... It provides an orderly transition of the space shuttle workforce. We estimate that we can use about 85 percent of the facilities that are in play today for the space shuttle."

NASA: Shuttle retirement may cost 2,300 jobs in Houston, Houston Chronicle

Shuttle Retirement May Bring Loss of 8,600 Jobs, NASA Says, NY Times
Massive Job Cuts in Space Program Likely, AP
80% of KSC contractors could lose jobs after shuttle program ends, Orlando Sentinel
NASA: Michoud has cloudy employment future, AP
NASA will eliminate 6,400 jobs by 2011, Tampa Bay's 10
Shuttle Retirement Could Cost Thousands Of Jobs, Central Florida News 13
Job Losses Expected When Shuttle Retires, WESH

NASA: Up To 6,400 Job Losses at KSC When Shuttle Retires, Orlando Sentinel

"In the bleakest employment forecast for Kennedy Space Center yet, a NASA report due out on Tuesday estimates that as many as 6,400 contractors could lose their jobs at KSC by 2011 right after the space shuttle is retired. With no rockets to launch, the KSC workforce, whose primary mission is to prepare NASA spacecraft for liftoff, is expected to go from 8,000 contract jobs today to between 1,600 and 2,300 in 2011."

NASA To Hold News Briefing on the Space Shuttle to Constellation Workforce Transition Report

"NASA will hold a teleconference at 2 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, April 1, to discuss a report to Congress on the agency's workforce strategy while transitioning from the Space Shuttle Program to the Constellation Program.

The briefing participants are:
- Bill Gerstenmaier, associate administrator, Space Operations Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters, Washington
- Rick Gilbrech, associate administrator, Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters"



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