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Editor's note: Space Shuttle Discovery has left the pad and is headed for orbit on the STS-124 Mission.

According to NASA: "Space shuttle Discovery is on its way into space on the power of its two solid rocket boosters and three main engines! The launch traced a fiery arc across the sky of Florida's East Coast as the shuttle races to catch up to the International Space Station."

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NASA To Launch Disney's Buzz Lightyear On Space Shuttle,

"NASA will launch the Disney character Buzz Lightyear aboard space shuttle Discovery on May 31 in a mission to excite students about science, math and space travel. During the STS-124 mission, the 12-inch-tall action figure will partner with astronauts to deliver daily blog journals from space and launch a series of educational games and online sessions related to the mission. ... While in space, the character will fly in zero gravity as part of an experiment tied to the NASA's "Toys in Space" educational program. "Toys in Space" is scheduled to run through 2008 and feature unique materials for teachers to use in their classrooms."

Keith's note: Lets see if there is any actual substance to this or just "hey - look at the toy in space".

First Ares test launch likely delayed by pad conflict, SpaceflightNow

"Delays in the space shuttle program could force a one-month slip of an early test flight of NASA's next-generation rocket next year due to busy Kennedy Space Center launch facilities, agency officials said Thursday."

Shuttle's Hubble mission incurs 5-week delay, Orlando Sentinel

"The launch scheduled later this summer to service the Hubble Space Telescope will be pushed back four to five weeks because of delays in manufacturing the space shuttle's redesigned external fuel tank, a NASA official said Thursday. The delay in the tank-production schedule also is likely to affect the first test flight of a new rocket that is similar to one intended to take astronauts back to the moon."

Amazing Recovery

Data from Columbia disk drives survived the shuttle accident, AP

"Jon Edwards often manages what appears impossible. He has recovered precious data from computers wrecked in floods and fires and dumped in lakes. Now Edwards may have set a new standard: He found information on a melted disk drive that fell from the sky when space shuttle Columbia disintegrated in 2003."



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