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STS-126 Date Set

NASA Gives GO For Space Shuttle Launch on November 14

"NASA managers completed a review Thursday of space shuttle Endeavour's readiness for flight and selected the official launch date for the STS-126 mission. Commander Chris Ferguson and his six crewmates are scheduled to lift off to the International Space Station at 7:55 p.m. EST on Nov. 14.

Endeavour's STS-126 flight will feature important repair work to the station and prepare it for housing six crew members during long-duration missions. The primary focus of the 15-day flight and its four planned spacewalks is to service the station's two Solar Alpha Rotary Joints, which allow its solar arrays to track the sun."

Editor's note: This morning, at 7:30 am, before the STS-126 FRR began, a small ceremony was held whereby Virginia Whitehead received NASA's Lifetime Achievement Award from Mike Griffin. A special 10 minute video was played highlighting her career. Well done!

Marshall Director says shuttle must retire by 2010, Huntsville Times

"Keeping the space shuttle program going past its planned retirement date of 2010 is a "bad idea" and would rob development money from its replacement, the Ares I rockets now being developed at Marshall Space Flight Center, said Marshall Director Dave King this morning."

Internal NASA email from NASA Administrator Griffin regarding Space Shuttle, ISS, Russia, Ares, Orion, OSTP, OMB and Budgetary Issues

"In a rational world, we would have been allowed to pick a Shuttle retirement date to be consistent with Ares/Orion availability, we would have been asked to deploy Ares/Orion as early as possible (rather than "not later than 2014") and we would have been provided the necessary budget to make it so. I realize that no one on this distribution disagrees with me on this point, I'm just saying it again, that's all."

PBS Program on Columbia

NOVA: Space Shuttle Disaster

Airs 14 October on PBS.

Oh, Just Pick A Number

NASA saves 1,900 jobs -- but it's not clear how, Orlando Sentinel

"For example, NASA estimated last March that there were 8,000 shuttle and Constellation contractor positions at KSC. But Wednesday's update cited a total of 7,300 jobs. Joel Kearns, head of the NASA Constellation transition team, said the discrepancy was due in part to contractors eliminating some positions from KSC as the shuttle finishes its mission to build the international space station. Also, he said, some contractors have not filled jobs vacated by workers who quit or retired."

NASA: Fewer Jobs To Be Lost, WFLA

"NASA officials said they expect to see the numbers change even more as they learn more about the requirements for the new program. They remained adamant about the fact that they still expect the overall workforce to shrink. "The reality is the new systems are being designed to operate with far fewer people," NASA spokesman Allard Beutel said Wednesday."

Shuttle Retirement May Not Mean NASA Layoffs, WESH

NASA Issues Space Shuttle To Constellation Work Force Transition Report

"NASA is releasing an updated version of the Work Force Transition Strategy Report, which was delivered to Congress on Wednesday. The report details the agency's plan to minimize job losses while transitioning from the Space Shuttle Program to the Constellation Program.

The initial report was submitted to Congress on March 31, 2008. The next update will be submitted to Congress in spring 2009."

NASA expected to release rosier job forecast for post-shuttle era (with link to NASA Workforce Transition Strategy Summary Points), Orlando Sentinel

"NASA plans to tell Congress Wednesday that the retirement of the space shuttle in 2010 won't result in as many job losses as initially anticipated, according to congressional sources and documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel. A rosier forecast would be a boon for Kennedy Space Center, which has been told to expect a worst-case estimate of 6,400 job losses. Some officials say that NASA is forecasting at least 1,000 fewer job losses, and that the worst case number of job losses now is likely to be less than 5,000."



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