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STS-125 Mission Update - April 28 2009, NASA

"On NASA Kennedy Space Center's Launch Pad 39A, radiator dents, caused by a falling socket in Atlantis' payload bay during payload installation operations last week, were photographed yesterday and a crack was observed. During an inspection last week, personnel noted a crease, but did not observe a crack in the dented radiator panel. Managers and engineers are reviewing the data and evaluating the repair options that may include adding a doubler or stop drilling to prevent the crack from spreading. Any repair necessary is not expected to delay the targeted May 11 launch."

Last Chance Photo Op

NASA's Kennedy Space Center Holds Unique Media Event, NASA KSC

"Following rollout of space shuttle Endeavour from the Vehicle Assembly Building to Launch Pad 39B on Friday, April 17, two shuttles will be on the launch pads at the same time at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla., for what is expected to be the last time. "

Shuttle Shutdown Coming

Countdown to shuttle's end resumes, Orlando Sentinel

"A top NASA official said Monday that the agency plans to resume shutting down the space-shuttle program next month despite calls from Florida lawmakers to fly the orbiter beyond its planned retirement in 2010.

Congress barred NASA last year from taking any steps that would prevent shuttle flights beyond 2010. But that ban expires April 30, and NASA Associate Administrator Bill Gerstenmaier said the agency must begin dismantling the program or risk running out of money before the shuttle completes its final eight or nine flights into low-Earth orbit."

Astro Twitter

NASA Astronaut Tweets Provide Inside Look at Mission Training

"NASA astronaut Mike Massimino is using Twitter to provide a unique, behind the scenes peek at the last weeks of his training for the fifth and final shuttle servicing mission to NASA's Hubble Space Telescope."

Posey Introduces Bipartisan Legislation to Close the Space Gap

"Specifically the American Space Access Act extends the life of the space shuttle until either NASA's next generation space system, Constellation, comes online or a domestic supplier is certified by NASA as capable of taking humans into space and docking with the space station. The bill also calls for bringing the Constellation program online earlier and authorizes the funds that are necessary for both of these activities. Rep. Posey said his legislation limits the upgrades performed on the shuttle to safety upgrades to reduce costs."

No to shuttle extension if move would delay Ares, Huntsville Times

"Flying the shuttle while continuing the Ares development is likely to create budget conflicts with the space agency's future rounds of funding, said Keith Cowing, who runs the space agency watchdog Web site "There's two schools of thought on extending the space shuttle," he said. "One is that is would be a way to close the looming gap, but there are people who fly the shuttle and who work on the program that feel that it is time to retire the shuttle because it is not safe to fly. "If there's money across the budget years to fly shuttle and develop Ares, then it is possible," said Cowing. "If the money goes away, then it's impossible."



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