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KSC Job Loss Update

Space Workers Rally To Save Their Jobs, Channel 13

"Lew Jamieson is the president of the Machinist Union at the Kennedy Space Center. He's been there for 32 years. "It's a community issue and that is why we are here today. It's an attempt to bring the community [together]. They need to recognize they can make a difference," he said."

NASA Budget Cuts Rally, WCTV

"In the bitter cold ...thousand rallied. "Are you ready to fight? yeah!!" Their signs cut to straight to the point...."clunkers three billion, NASA zero Many of these NASA employees say the presidents plan to eliminate funding for space flight operation is the wrong move."

'Worth fighting for' is the rally cry, Florida Today

"I don't want to see our astronauts get suited up and get on Russian or Chinese spaceships," said John Kroening, 50, a nonunion production control worker with United Space Alliance. "We want to keep the space industry here. We've always been the leader."

Jobs, community 'Worth fighting for', Florida Today

"We want you to extend the shuttle," should be the message, [District 1 Brevard County Commissioner Robin] Fisher said. "We want you to hold up all votes on everything until Florida is taken care of. If that stops Washington D.C., that's OK."

Keith's note: Good luck with that approach, Robin.

Q&A: Plans for NASA would bring significant changes to Space Coast, Florida Today

"Our real concern is Main Street: the guys who are going to see a reduction in their sales because household incomes are going to change. "We've been researching the opportunities and trying to find models of other communities around the country who have gone through similar instances. . . "

ATK supporters dismayed over U.S. space plans, AP

"Current and laid-off workers and promoters of ATK Space Systems say they are discouraged by an apparent drift in U.S. plans for space travel. Clearfield-based ATK Space Systems has laid off 970 workers in Utah since October, citing an uncertain future with the phase-out of the space shuttle and the Minuteman III ballistic missile programs."

NASA JSC Advanced Planning Office Blog: Pass the Baton or Short Track Speed Skater Push, NASA Blogs

"Therefore for me it is not a question of how do we handoff the responsibility of access to Low Earth Orbit to commercial space but how do we ensure that the commercial space community reaches a speed close to what NASA has obtained over the past 50 years so that NASA can push them off to continue the race? How do we set up the transition so that in the event that commercial space should fall, NASA can tag the fallen and temporarily continue the race? Yes I know, with the completion of the Shuttle program the push off is more of a challenge yet not impossible."

Space Shuttle Endeavour Lands

According to NASA: "Space shuttle Endeavour landed at Kennedy Space Center. A post-landing news conference with managers at Kennedy is expected no earlier than midnight ET on NASA TV and The participants will be: Mike Moses, space shuttle launch integration manager, and Mike Leinbach, shuttle launch director. A welcome ceremony for the crew's return to Houston will be held at Ellington Field's NASA Hangar 990 at 4 p.m. CT on Monday."

And now Gov. Charlie Crist blasts Obama's NASA policy, Orlando Sentinel

"While it is great that the President is reaching out to those astronauts working on the International Space Station today, phone calls do not make up for the President's disappointing decision to end NASA's Constellation program. By cutting this program, President Obama is putting an end to significant investment in moon exploration and costing Florida's Space Coast thousands of jobs."

Kosmas to Attend Florida Statewide Space Industry Summit

"Congresswoman Kosmas has worked tirelessly to support the space industry in Florida. She recently responded to the President's FY 2011 budget proposal calling his plan for NASA "simply unacceptable."

Bill Nelson: Manned space program isn't dead yet, Florida Today

"I think they made two tactical mistakes that gave everybody the wrong impression," the Florida Democrat said. "The first one is that the president didn't set what the goal is, and everybody knows the goal and that's to go to Mars."

One Last Night Departure

The Last Shuttle To Leave Earth at Night, SpaceRef

"An hour after the orange glow of Endeavour's liftoff lit the Kennedy Space Center press site on Feb. 8, NASA officials beamed at the bit of bright news illuminating an otherwise tough couple of weeks. The smooth countdown for STS-130 and the relatively few technical problems -- a bit of foam loss, but nothing judged too serious -- shifted the tone of the press conference to one that joked about workers missing the Super Bowl. "While I was getting evil glares for making them come in -- I don't know why it was my fault -- they were happy with the result," said Mike Moses, the shuttle program's launch integration manager, as journalists chuckled."

NASA Launches David Bowie Concept Mission, The Onion

"NASA officials announced today the successful launch of the new shuttle Moonage Daydream, marking the beginning of a long-anticipated two-week conceptual mission inspired by British rock star David Bowie. The crew of Moonage Daydream embark on the 4.5 billion dollar, genre-defying mission. According to NASA administrator Maj. Gen. Charles F. Bolden, Jr., the highly experimental glam space program--dubbed Project Starman--has been in development for exactly five years. Though engineers initially feared the mission might "blow our minds," the historic launch ultimately proceeded without incident."

Endeavour Is In Orbit

NASA STS-130 Report #01 4 a.m. CST Monday, Feb. 8, 2010

"After a one day delay due to clouds, space shuttle Endeavour launched at 3:14 a.m. CST Monday from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with a new module and an attached cupola for the International Space Station that should increase human understanding of our home planet. It was the last scheduled night launch in shuttle program history."



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