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The first issue of Space Quarterly is scheduled to be released on September 1. Here is what will be in the first ever issue:

U.S. Edition

  • - Editorial
  • - An Interview with Jeff Greason CEO of XCOR Aerospace
  • - The Philosophy of Lunar Commercialization and Economic Development
  • - SpaceX - Vision vs the Market
  • - CCDev2 Update - Program Status
  • - CCDev2 Update - Boeing CST-100 Crew Capsule Progressing Swiftly
  • - CCDev2 Update - CCDev2 Provides Rare Insight into Blue Origin Development
  • - CCDev2 Update - SpaceX Dragon Rider
  • - CCDev2 Update - Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser - What's Old is New Again

Marc's Note: Here's a little sneak peak of the interview in the first issue of Space Quarterly with XCOR Aerospace CEO Jeff Greason:

Question: XCOR Aerospace, at 11 years old, is one of the first NewSpace companies and perhaps one of the longest survivors in this very challenging, emerging industry. How has your vision of the future and XCOR's role in it changed since you started the company?



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