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December Issue of Space Quarterly AvailableDecember 2011, Volume 1, Number 2, U.S. Edition, Space Quarterly

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The latest edition of Space Quarterly is available! In this issue we're focusing primarily on space policy and the Space Launch System with a few budget and commercial pieces in between.

U.S. Space Policy is examined by well known space policy analyst Marcia Smith who delves into the nuances and politics of current policy. We also get an update on Japan's space policy, insight into India's burgeoning space program and analysis of China's mindset.

The Space Launch System is NASA's next big program. Mandated by Congress, ignored and then reluctantly given the green light by the White House, Eric Sterner provides political context on the program. Dennis Wingo then provides technical context on the Space Launch System, comparing it to the Saturn V, and analyzing design and mission requirements.



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