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Smallsats on the Rise

Smallsats on the Rise, Space Quarterly Magazine

"In the last decade, and especially in just the last few years, the pendulum has started to swing back to smaller satellites, at least for some applications. Advances in electronics and the miniaturization of other spacecraft components now make it possible for smaller satellites--weighing from a few hundred kilograms down to as little as a few kilograms--to perform missions that previously required much heavier spacecraft. While there are many applications that will still require large spacecraft, smallsats are carving out a growing share of the market among users in universities, governments, and industry."

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Space Quarterly December 2012 U.S. Edition Table of Contents

  • - Interview: NanoRacks: Providing a Commercial Pathway for Research in Low Earth Orbit
  • - Business Briefs
  • - The Commercial Crew Program Enters the Next Phase
  • - NewSpace: Turning the Corner?
  • - JPL Curiosity Team Challenged by Exciting Data, Sampling Workload
  • - The A-Train and Formation Flying
  • - Current State of the Satellite Industry
  • - Earth Observation: Presence and Future
  • - Hosted Payloads
  • - Smallsats on the Rise
  • - India Races China in Space for Asian Prestige, Military Security
  • - The Chris Hadfield Story
  • - Future Space: Ionizing Radiation and Space-born Electronics



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