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From: Chief Scientist and AAs for OSS, OLMSA, and OMTPE
Subject: HQ Science Response to February 2, 1995 White Paper

The White Paper that was released by an internal HQ Red Team on February 2, 1995 is comprised of two parts, a description of principles underlying the "NASA Reinvention Process" and a proposal called "A Budget Reduction Strategy." The latter was put forward "to stimulate radical thinking about the future of the Agency" and "is not a decision document." Some of the proposals set forth in the Strategy document represent significant changes for the NASA science enterprise, as it affects its internal purveyors and enablers of science and its university, industry, and other customers. Given the dramatic implications for the conduct of science at the NASA Centers, the particular relationship of NASA Science to the broader external community, and the fact that there were no scientists on the Red Team, we wished to formulate an HQ science response to the principles and recommendations of the White Paper.



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