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Goldin's appearance at the scheduled meeting was shifted several times during the day. He finally appeared at 4:15pm and stayed nearly an hour.

The dialogue was structured like a speech with almost no interaction from the attendees, including Wes Huntress the AA for Space Science (seated next to Goldin). The room was silent for several minutes after Goldin left, as they appeared to struggle with the breadth of his challenge for the Strategic Plan.


NASA's future vision is fuzzy due to the political forces at work, and will remain clouded until a few months following the Elections. The NASA budget baseline, established last year, is under attack by both the Democrats and the Republicans, in the interest of a balanced budget.

The Democrats are proposing a reduction of $3.3B from the baseline through the year 2002, and the Republicans are proposing to cut $4.5B through the same period. Goldin's objective is to hold fast for $13.8 in '97, then look at what can be done to modify the numbers for '98 after the elections. His long term projection does not envision a significant turn around as greater pressure is placed on Civil Discretionary spending by the aging of the baby boomers.

Goldin lashed out at the "Pluto Express Cult" for the cost growth and attempt to create an old fashion entitlement program at the $.5B level.



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